Monday, January 25, 2010


NOV 23 Rennes, France

crazy foggy night at le sambre. played with the bad ass duo left lane cruiser from fort wayne indiana.. packed into a small cellar bar. the cops definately came. as we ran from a bar brawl and police i was abducted by vampires.. yikes

NOV 27 Guemene Penfao, France

perhaps the coolest show on the whole tour.. great steak. got ripped with the locals and it was kinda scary but very exciting.. i lost my glasses. the floor had so many spilled beverages your feet would not even move when u tried to walk.. this town definately rages professionally!! and all you could hear was broken glass and growling.. drank some crazy homemade apple whiskey & barely escaped teenage vampires.

NOV 28 Messac, France

ate a great baked chicken. in a bizarre rainy little village. noise complaints from neighbors who have shotguns.. made it out alive. yes

NOV 29 Lorient, France

cool bar called le gallion. black diamond heavies show. packed bar lots of st omer brews and a couple skinny gallettes. got kinda ripped and tried the jumprope trick and no one participated pretty funny, lots of weird looks.. somehow late night i was in a taxi buzzing thru the harbor heavily excited the rain had stopped.

NOV 30 Plouermel, France

li-ti sam.. definately one of my favorite spots. kick ass people good food and some yummy 1664. kinda put the breaks on a bit for this one still kinda toasted from sunday..

DEC 1 Rennes, France

jammed @ mondo bizarro with black diamond heavies. lots of sweat ringing eardrums and saw some xtra tight fittin shake it like a caveman t-shirts from the sunday show on the coast! got drunk with boogie and listened to records all night long

DEC 2 Rennes, France

couscous and sweat and ringing ears. rennes finest.

DEC 3 Rennes, France

holy shit. mob scene, like 400 people crammed into an upstairs bar. almost kicked some guy in the stomach, bouncers had to remove this dude. definately glad when this one was finished. painful.. and to top it off the guitar amp exploded. and a gigantic beer hit the merch table pretty hard..

DEC 4 Quebriac, France

played for a children's fundraiser at a local events center. ate some pizza. and after the show the place turned into a 80's disco and was raging.. completely retarted by this point i pulled a phantom dissapearance and slept in the car..

DEC 5 Dinan, France

cafe du theatre ate a kick ass beef burgonone. wow. was great.. bar was ragin.. kick ass show.. and by this point in the week i was completely damaged..somewhow escaped alive. sweat and hot chocolateeers.

DEC 6 Binic, France
the home base for a beautiful evening.. great show, great food! ludo ju pao and the whole possee

DEC 9 ST. Etienne

kick ass show great sound engineer great club owner, great baked chicken and the first snow of the tour! and some professional party animals.

DEC 10 Nice, France

really hungry i played a show with a video being projected on me for a local video art association. cool venue in an enclosed alley in a cave.. finally met rock n roll marion.

DEC 11 Nice, France

another weird cave. ate a really nice chicken and rice dish. drank some good wine and tried a new type of cheese.. lots of vampires..

DEC 12 Borgo san dalmatso, Italy

wow!!! the best show of the tour. the best food ever.. played in a packed little pub and after the show there was like a foot of snow. raged it hard into the nite time. woked up in a beautiful mtn villa and went for a walk just baffled.. you know kinda needed to puke legs sore hands shaking but totally captivated. definately drank alot of water that day.. sirio our host was fantastic!! he had a super cool dog who would bark along with the songs.. this place really fucking rages. i might move there.

DEC 13 Nice


DEC 16 Nice

great packed house show in a 4th floor apartment in the middle of the city.. kick ass people definately best show in nice area..

DEC 18 Toulouse, France

great town. cold as shit outside.. great stage lights and sound. bigtime scenster hipster night with good baked chicken.. mega hot dance party after the show had to dodge that one also. caught up with some homies from the summer ate some duck late night. first time back to toulouse since 2003. walked in the city froze my ass off but was happy..

DEC 19 Bordeaux, France

kinda rediculous. but got to meet the buzz and his secretary which was worth the trip. other than that not to exciting. drove all night to rennes.
big thanks to the ju who fucking rocks and drives like the wind. and to everybody who helped with the shows.

DEC 22
so for the next few days rambled the streets of rennes. ate some steaks and duck. and
ju and i drove to paris stayed in a weird little hotel.. i arrived at the airport got in the wrong line for the flight by the time i waited in the appropriate line for 1 hr saw a lady pass out while everyone just starred at her i ran over to check it out. luckilly by this time the xtra cool airline workers had picked her up. pretty bizarro since my french is really shitty i couldnt really make any sense of it all.. then i get up the counter and had my bag on the scale. was going to have to pay for 2 bags so i just crammed the fuck out of the stuff into one. by this time i smelld like shit my pants were falling off and was toasted.. the airline official ran over and said the flight is closed.. so i couldnt get on the fucking plane. i was yelling fuck you to everyone at that point. but i was diffused by the fact that there was a box just next to the baggage check unattended. there were like 10 machine gun guys. they cleared the whole side of the airport. to find it was only paintings from an old french artist with barret and all.. unbelieveable.. spent 6 hrs in the airport. flew to england. caught a double decker bus froze my ass off avoided drunk bleeding bums. and made it to a mega posh hotel provided by united. i crushed the servi bar and did some long distance phoning i guess i kinda felt entitled and a little like a pissed off teenager. i pulled it off without spending a fucking dime. froze my ass off and got to ride a double decker bus or 2. so i guess its ok.. also got to eat a steak and fly business class back home..

Dec 23 London UK, Washington D.C., Raleee, NC
i guess in the same day or thing resembling a day. crushed booze on the mini flight. with an old flight attendant who really wanted to drink on with me.. ha. but he held off. picked up my smasshed luggage saw a bluegrass band performing in the baggage claim. and i finally got to see the mav at a weird sports bar karokee night n a shopping mall. not really the perfect scenario but cest la vie. crushed toxic and crippled i guess i was glad to be back. spent the whole next day wrestling with fuckers at various banks to cash some euro.. fired up the emma van drove to the snow covered mountains had a beautiful kick ass christmas (which never happens). & its super cool for the first week back to eastern standard time because you can wake up @ like 7am auomatic.

DEC 26 Kingsport, Tennessee

a fucking mess.. like 800 people. i watched a 400 lb bouncer almost kick various friends and family ass and was totally baffled. seriously i definately wanted to transport myself to a far away place..

most of january 2010 raged, wrangled, wrestled, cooked, cried, laughed, slid, froze my ass, danced, and hit the streets of carolina tennessee and virginia. discovered groove shark and the perfect pot-roast, a renewed interest in Boone, nc. did some pushups, fianlly got a new camera!! completely destroyed a borred suit for peters wedding, tried to eat a hot dog, a re-newed interest in long neck budweiser, and warren g's regulators and rode the bike a bit.

JAN 21 Johnson city, TN

jammed with the luke dog and watched a ninja video.. kick ass night!!

JAN 22 Marshall, NC

drank 700 pbrs and had a kick ass time as always in the marshall oasis.

JAN 23 Knoxville, TN

ate a cool chicken sandwich. drank some long nex, played with drunk girls banging on the cymbals and a great trombone player.. drank some more long nex. danced to stevie wonder.

well tommorow is day one again.
renting a rehearsal space in a bank building in downtown nashville tennessee. woodshedding to return to the streets with some hits for that ass. See you then.

love snake..

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Tara said...

to think, years ago you were playing in my, France! party coming up on March 20th, but i see you will be out West. we'll crack open a PBR for you! miss you!