Sunday, November 22, 2009

cd est arrive!

nov 22

not really sure what happened in the first part of november, however i do remember smoke and red lights and waking up with my ears ringing and my mouth tasting like paint. and a dried up sadness like someone put a vaccuum cleaner in my veins. so im guessing i painted alot during the day and raged it pretty hard in various tennessee carolina locations with the luke dog on drums....

Binic, France nov 22
the plane landed last monday tuesdayish, you know the whole airplane world thing youre not really anywhere anytime till you exit the building. kinda like when your in a casino. the flight was pretty shitty but i did sit next to some cool people who are in a band called rupa & the april fishes and an old proffesor of geology, so at least the company was good.
i landed toasted and with pretty much 30$ in paris. the airport is kinda fucked up and pretty spread out..with no cell phone in tow, i cashed in a couple bucks for enough euro change to make a call to the ju man my partner in crime and driver for this tour to pick me up. a few hours later... and trying not to think about the germ transfer ratios, and other weird plane delirum statistics entering the arrivals @ 6am. yes! finally. sleeping in a weird little airport hotel, thank god..
later n the time period resembeling afternoon we met up with our pals ratel and eme & caught up on adventures from the summer. that night slept in a cool house next to the vietnam resturant.

on wednesday we wandered the streets of menelimontant through dog shit, broken sidewalks and scooters and exciting foods and finally found a parking spot, whew, thanks god for GPS in paris. basically if u have a car without one your fucked. basically if u have a car in paris ur fucked. seriously.
we decided on visiting pere-lachaise which was fantastic. ratel as our guide took us to all the cool black magic dead chicken blood and places in the cemetery they dont print in the tourist guides. and yes we saw jim morrison's grave stone tucked away behind a few other im assuming historically wealthy parisians. it was, not to sound like a fucking hippie, really intense & you can feel something, it actually was kinda sad and made the hairs on my arms stand up. it had been raining a bit and of course its fall now so the leaves on the trees have turned and were surrounding some of the tombs. the sun across the hazy fall day was shining clear amongst the towers of megolomania and broken glass and old moss. ΚΑΤΑ ΤΟΝ ΔΑΙΜΟΝΑ ΕΑΥΤΟΥ (inscriped by his father after his bust was stolen) reads morrison's grave, which translates to "true to his own spirit."
perhaps the most captivating site in the cemetery for me was the monument of victor noir, a journalist shot by a member of the bonapart family in 1870 in a duel.. the statue is a bronze life size tribute of his body , lying horizontal.. he has a fallen top hat and a pretty big bulge in his trousers. it is said that if a woman places a flower on the hat and kisses his face and rubs the rise in his trousers it will bring fertility or even a husband in the next year. so the otherwise totally brown oxidized statue has different coloured spot and smooth spot over his heart,and lips and his bulge in his pants is really polished!! totally crazy. the powers that be have tried over the years to put up a fence around victor but the determined parisian interests have triumphed in preventing it as a mainstay. if u look up the website for the cemetery u can take a virtual tour, however im not sure they list this information...

so later that night in the heart of menelimontant tensions were rising due to the world cup qualifier of algeria vs egypt. everytime a good play or goal was scored the bars which were packed ass to elbow would erupt in excitement. and we definatley knew algeria won the match, it was like a fucking earthquake.

back to the le feline i put on a show for some drunken rockers and very energized rowdy felines, par for the course at la feline. we licked our wounds from the few days in paris and hauled ass, dodging riot control police and speed honking cars filled with raging algerians. aah yes..please beam me to binic by the sea! we picked up another jet lagged australian performer and made it to a sweet seaside overlook by 5am.

nov 20
big stone garage beaujolais noveau bash
this is a great story!!

so back in the summer i recorded a cd in france. shortly after the recording was finished i left to seek my fortunes in the usa.... im still looking.. anyway, i performed a beaujolais nouveau party which happens on the 3rd thursday in november. it is to celebrate the harvest and the arrival of wine made from grapes of the summer. so ironically after the show in a packed garage with race cars from monaco and le mans, the cds arrived directly to the show. i almost cried. the art is fucking kick ass. so my harvest has arrived exactly in time with the grapes of summer. there is a tear of joy in my bloodshot burnt eyeball.. so the cd nouveau est arrive!!!

nov 21
les templier, yviniac la tour
after a rainy drive through the countryside, we reached the les templier, ju and i actually started loading the shit into the wrong bar. the guys from the other club came running over shouting " over here" ha.
so for the next 2 hours we dreamily ate fried camembert, roasted duck, really cool potatoes and beet salad. totally fucking great.. the show was fuelled by the duck. i ripped it up for the next couple hours and had to get ju to turn the lights on because i couldnt play anymore.. fucking really cool nite. yviniac is kick ass real people,who love rock n roll. this is not the last chapter on visits to yviniac!

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