Wednesday, January 22, 2014



howdy from austin Texas.

experimenting with   poor boy web options.

gettin it figured out. damn you got to sign in to alot of accounts these days

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Friday, March 25, 2011


the ice has broken.
like that episode of northern exposure.
yep. the winter is over.

2010 end recap
halloween was well ragin, cant really remeber what happend to much but do remember jamming hard to some huey lewis and saw a lot of boobies (you know the bad girl costumes that make most other girls mad but make us happy) all in all a cool holiday. thanksgiving no football or turkey just rock n roll.

i got hired by the captains plumber to play a birthday bash in a trailer park. was great! i set up the lazer lights and whole shit shabang. then with dogs howling i saw a 400 lb lady do interpretive dancing with no shirt on. yikes. ate some little smokies and drank natural light and learned about pharmacutical drug trade till 5am.

The next day i drove thru kentucky virginia and into west virginia. i had once again a awesome night kinda storybook including warsteiner perrier and ears ringing i happily woke up in a starry room surrounded by painitngs and piles clothes and warsteiners looked outside and it had snowed like the tundra, then the smell of a swweet breakfast. wow. like i said before west va rules!

kinda in a state of euphoria i followed a snow plow for about 200 miles and somehow made it back to tennessee. were for the next weeks the high was like 24f i watched films from the criterion collection, ate weird grains, drank green tea, ate chocolate, got a a fake membership to lakeland region wellness center. at night myself and a mr miagi style dude swam and shot some hoops, hit the treadmills, while wearing headbands and jammin to hall and oates, me and miyagi never spoke but i guess we really didnt have to.. for weeks & weeks... and waited.... and waited for the winter to well, get lost. meanwhile, i had a fun show or two in the high east tennesse mts one in particular where i think i drank busch with the guy from motorhead.

back down east & for the 2nd time the van exploded on the coast. leake and peters and myself were cruising hard for the carolina coast rain, fog, stalling engine, no visibility and general terrible weather. after barely making it to the pirate town on time for the show we were greeted by hostess and fireworks puffing j's. and thought it was going to be a super interesting night and..... then somehow we were playing a teen event center every fan was 16. well i guess it was interesting. doors closed paid and everything in the van by 1030. man i could get used to that. like 2 nights in one. nobody barfed or pulled their balls out in public like in the old days but we put a dent in it dad rock style. the next day the van totally exploded on the highway. thanks AAA for saving the day once again. our driver who was an interesting story telller and really was interested in informing us how much leg he gets and dirty weed he can chief and bud light he can drink with some styx jammin in the background. classic. and once again raleigh got its claws into me. had to drop serious cash on transmission. wow. just when i was about to call it quits and go to the airport for a one way to france, one of the mechanics at the garage i guess felt sorry for me and pulled me aside and said "hey man merry christmas" and handed me like a pound of weed from his lunch bag. totally hilarious. so my holiday re-gifting this year was well recieved.

i picked up xd @ the airport and sprinted back to the mtns. new transmission intact. like a buttered bullet. yes!
I somehow survived the holidays. we had a max capacity christmas show and thanks god the floors didnt fall in. this years show was in an old building and you could see the floors move. 10 bands, bad sound, 500 people it was a mess but all in all it made alot of people happy so it was worth it.

thanks god the patty came through hard with a massive indo paint gig. so on christmas day and the next i painted an entire office building slept in the floor of the office call center. it snowed like a foot.

xD and luke dog slipping and sliding thru the mtns met me @ the job site in carolina escaped the snow hit the coast.
where we dialed in what is soon to be "white bread and golden"
we rehearsed and composed the tunes in a sweet old beach house in folly beach sc. chased the sea turtles, played all day every day for most of the week cooked bangin meals and did some wildcatin around. we discovered xd's love for the j geils band soundtrack.. & one memorable show on this run i remember a ragin drunk dude launch into xd's keyboard and crash into the drums beers flyin. next thing i know xd had the dude wrapped up in his mic cable like he had just caught a giant catfish or somethin. xd never missed a beat and followed it up with a sweet chic corea pianotar solo. unbelieveable.

that week we drank beer out of buckets of ice, watched cute girls as we ate over priced and overwieghed hungover salads drank smoothies @ the local natural food stores and had a fantastic time. we had to perform for a new year's bash back in tennessee. and thanks god we found tuxedos and various leather tassle vests @ goodwill to bring in the new year. we were toast but looking sharp. maybe like chet baker only a lot less toasted.

i think we pulled in shaking and probabally drank a beer as some form of alternative to an energy drink. we turned into vampires and drank bad champagne and surely freaked some people out. i think we saw boobies. my amp which for the last month had sounded like a wild marmot was living inside it finally had enough and exploded on new years eve night. perfect timing. we ended the set and somehow had the strength for dance parites and more wildcattin around.

with hopes of finally escaping the snow and ice van exploded again. i had to cancel louisana and mississippi shows.

so patty once again saves the day.

i caught a plane to florida to do a resort run. landing perfectly on time i caught a cab to the rental truck company. luckily this driver only talked about his gout. after 1 hr of waiting on paperwork and payments etc to clear at the rental the first truck i got in wouldnt start. so i head up about two blocks in the second truck and notice that a dog lives in it. the dog is not in the cab but its dogfood was still in the truck and it had been eating the steering wheel. i went to make a left turn and the turn signal handle and windshield wiper controls fell off.. thinking to myself this might be a problem for the next 1000 miles i went back to the rental office. i told everyone there i was going to get david koresch on their facilities unless i got some assistance. within 5 min a sweet rig pulled in and i hopped in it and took off.... wind blowing, bombing prepaidlanes lanes on tolls, eyes swolen from dog hair i followed the coastline. the transport job for the resort group requires i stay in some super sweet condos. fantastic gig but its weird being alone in a beach house which can accomodate 10 raging sunburnt sandy wildcats. so to maximize the experience i just took my clothes off and threw them all over the condo and cooked serious food and made a beautiful mess for one.

on the way up the coast patty hooked up a gig installing wireless networks in south carolina pool houses. thats another story all together

whew. so with the van out of the shop the highway knew & pulled me out of tennessee, i was hauling a 200lb english mastif.
the ace's breeder pals needed coco to be delivered to a breeder in dallas tx. the price was right so me in the van and the manatee/dog made it in one piece to texas. this was the sweetest most chilled dog but smelled like warthog grizzly bear yikes. van was kinda dank for a bit. ok now..

coco happy @ her new home i excitedly jetted south. where now i live in a campground, run the hills, frequent the bibliotech and goodwill, rock back porch bashes, chicken shit bingo, eat alot of salad, read about and making concrete countertops, and experiment with interesting grains from yesteryear and rejoice sxsw is over.

from the looks of it the spring and summer are going to be incredible.
got some new t shirt designs.
TBA dates coming up.
summer 2011 Europe dates will be posted soon.

look for "white bread and golden" with the big band in may. it will put the icing on the cake for your summer boat parties.

other notables:
peter and geo gave birth to lil' wayne chung "harry" peters march 2011.
Q dog and LL had march boy too!!
j smitty just accepted to become a DR. of evolutionary ecology and microbiology. @ohio state university. wow.
sheriff in miami training to work on an international sailing vessel. no comment.
the bishop almost made it thru ski season with only a broken leg.
luke dog found re-discovered his airbrush master of puppets belly shirt.
congrats everybody.

hope everybody made it thru the winter well rested and well woodsheeded sufficiently to bring it in the months to come.
see you soon. dont be shy. hope all your endeavours are rockin..