Monday, May 24, 2010

lazer lights, duct tape and a tall boy

so i found thru craigslist that i could rent a 10x12 office space in a skyscraper in downtown nashville for pretty cheap... totally weird..needing a change and to stay busy to keep from having a meltdown.. i went for it. and i stayed in this space for like a month and a half slept on an inflateable air mat, got a friend pass to the ymca, cooked on a shittly little electric one burner emmersed in horrible ever humming flurosence. i played a shit load of music in an empty floor of the wachovia bank building.. the winter was well actually the worst ever.. cold as balls and snow dark wind heartbreak. glad that ones over, at lest the first parts.. a few drinks later i am now sure that i dont want to move to nashville..
i did a couple shit shows in town but however i do remember a show that was great where i shared a show with a super hero guy who handed out crackers and cheese to the audience.. and a guy who rapped over a mega shittie cd player the show was in a semi-trailer type bar. the super hereo gave me his shirt which you can see from time to time in the pics its the one with the tapes on it.. my new fav. these guys were fucking awesome.. i also remember eating a bangin hamburger and saw 5,000 cats again. did a show with rev dead eye in a weird taco resturant for 3 people 20$ and 2 millers . but its always a nice treat to see deadeye.. i did a show near nashville in muscle shoals alabama met the chamelion skywaker mega weird sparkle jacket evening, but escaped with everything intack.. yikes yikes. oh yeah had the last of the anti oxidant juice for my birthday totally wild night, woke up in some weird house on the other side of town.. oh yeah and i became mildly obsessed with samples @ the whole foods and running mini triathalons at the y.
all in all nashville is not really for me but in hindsight i did get to drink a beer with the chicago bears QB, hang with the jwolf, get a superhero t-shirt, live in a skyscraper, see the weirdest moustach bash known to man, crush hotdogs on the street with captn steve, participate in shitfaced squaredancing and fistfighting with missionaries who didnt like led zeppelin... all in all not so bad i guess.


so i think by march 2nd week march i was excitedly hauling ass from nashville en route to birmingham
great shows there with taylor hollingsworth who fucking rocks! met up with the left lane cruisers. who by the way are fucking awesome too... bad ass shows in mississip,louisana, texas. perhaps the most intertaining was the missisip show crushing buds till the morning light and saw a purple mohawk drunkpunk karokeeing and fighting with the crowd during the llc set. . , .. on the tour saw a few fights and lots of rediculous people.played ragin st pattys day bash in alexandria la. made it to texas in one piece got ripped in austin on free music industry spillover, rode the bike alot. weather was still really shitty @ that point.. met up with jsmitty. were were attacked by a very agitated spitting biscut eater in a 24 hour resturant, jsmitty basically whipped this guys ass who was agressing the dumfounded biscuit girl and we were the hereoes of the late night booze crew at the establishment.. that night while sleeping in his car someone tried to steal his bike off the rack. he woke up and the dude who was pushing another bike alongside tried to rationalize the move.. unbelieveable balls.
so after 3 or 4 days of this kind of shit. i made way for the desert.. wow..

shakey and unsure of the road ahead i forged along into the land the tumbleweed forgot.. had a little melt down but nothing a nap and a tall boy natty couldnt help.. after days i made it to massive west holy shit texas. played in a great little town near marfa. didnt see the lights but got to take a shower.
trudging onward i made it to las cruces new mexico where i played in a head shop with 3 metal bands and a cool one man band cw awyon.. totally bizarro world.. met some friends who had been to the shows in florida in their taco truck it broke down in new mexico so they reside ther now.. got way too much second hand smoke and drank some orange juice with the coyotes. mega bizarro world..
still heading west made it to tucson.. played with a couple cool bands. audradbauchara organized the show. wow.. definately woke up in a school bus in the desert. shot some bb guns drank wine and kinda was pleasently baffled hypnotized by the whole scenario... fighting hard to not to spend the next few years of my life in this place i kept moving..probabally a good idea..
so trudging thru the mtns and deserts again i found a great campground in austin for like 10$ a nite. some hippies in the desert told me bout htis place and it was true!!. i detoxed it for a bit.. but was kinda bored so gave that up after a few days & i raised hell once again riding the bike all over town, spending way too much time @ the whole foods and going to a bad ass swimming hole. aaahah. its nice to be able to swim in early april!! also got to experience chicken shit bingo.. cant really put it into words but theres some video floating around the cavebone site.. also caught up with my old pal potter. good to see him.. we crushed a few lone stars. yikes.. the overall funding was a little short so i took the resonator to the streets but didnt have much luck it was african american track and field week. saw some great style but definately didnt make any loot.. so since the chicken shit bingo, and the african american track and field convention didnt pan out i had to hustle a little harder.. i got really..X3 really lucky.. wheeew!!
by the skin of my hair i drafted behind big trucks on the interstate and somehow ran out of gas in the parking lot @ next show in monroe la. which was fucking awesome. this place rocks. saw a cool art opening and was abducted by aliens.. definately got some unfinished work to take care of in monroe.. im supposed to try the bbq.
then back to jackson, totally bizarro world place.its kinda in a time warp. i cant really describe it.. cool to see my homies there. the peoples, bailey, and the bolt.. went to a crazy late night blues club which is the modern answer for the now closed subway.. very weird, broken glass, canes, hustlers, canehustlers, mega sketchy streets bottles, dice & great fucking band..i was abducted by vampires. .yikes..
then tuscaloosa alabama.. mmm what happend there.. oh yeah i got some skull pants and partied with the billa. got to say howdy to the ashedog and marley.
then birmingham, which was and is still 2 for 2 on awesomness! woke up in a fantastic europan sorta.. dehydrated and toasty i stumbled upon you know it the whole foods!! the weary souls morning tonic. aahh.
shakily that morning i headed to knoxville and got to hang with the worlds greatest granpa..hit the grocery store and wathced i spy with bill cosby from the 70's. fantastic!

perhaps the craziest night in a while was the macon ga. show. holding tru to its historical reputation. definately maximized the evening.. woke up sweating in the van opened the door and there were 300 empty aluminum cans cans t-shirts and my bike. not really sure how that happend. steadily i mounted my bike to the nearest gas station for supplies which included a vitamin water. urrgh. aaah. lesson learned the hard way. just for a travelers tip: buy beer on sat if you are traveling thru south carolina and georgia on sunday and u have problems. no booze pal, no booze. also got to meet some of the allman brothers crew who were in town from the night before.

mmmmmm...o... oh yeah i completely forgot about the beach trip to charleston sc. which was super duper fun.... sand.sunburnt as shit. well shitfaced and sunburnt. first ocean swim this year!!. soccer. captn stevo, the governer, the bird & logan legal protection.. coconut drinks.. green laser lights on the beach. great cuban sandwich! drunk fat dudes with shirt off who wanted to fight me and tried to steal my glasses.. all alone in semi money saving grocery store nite light applying sunburn lotion in the at 3 am straight from the shelf whew in the isle. aaaaahaah. didnt realize there are a shit load of options for sunburn cream.. definately had a creeper cloudy day. whoa.. my skin peeled and wailed for 2 weeks.

back on the 37615 lake turf i got a great call from the mav who is nyc bound!! should be a sweet adventure. hope to see her soon in the ed sullivan theater. & dont forget your sweater its supposed to be cold in there. and perhaps in a few years if the world proves to be sweet like wine or a choose ur own adventure book with good options, i could be clad with a long beard chopping firewood, enjoying the sweet smells of a moosewood cookbook lunch and some strange 80's music waving from the house..mmmmm. & oh yeah back to this story..

i did a show in my home town filled with familar faces from the basketball courts and driveways buy where we bought a weird bag of somethings from 1993-1996. was a great collection of fucking awesome and shady but awesome characters. and perhaps the weirdest show in a while. in a bbq resturant.

the cinco de mayo bash in tennessee was one for the record books, definately jim morrisoned that one.. yikes!! great pinatas.packed house. mr luke dog saved the day with impeccable timing and passing on the last 5 shots that somehow made it to my stomach and incresingly oxygen deprived brainmass.. we got it all on film which is incredible and at times completely stupid.. the smoke machine and lazers push it way over the rim. and for the fianle the show ended when the cymbal stand fell and perfectly sliced the power cable, no shit.

we played the knoxville show that weekend with victor and got to hang for a minute with the dawn of d., and our stand up material that night was unbelieveable.. there were 6 people there and a teenage gymnastic team. their shaperons reminded them that we are examples of what happens if you dont win that match tommorow! haha. i think they had fun, we made em smile anyway. saw the sambat and uball was a fun night.
the next day i ate a bacon cheese burger with my grandmother @ a resturant i hadnt been to since like 1985. the same sweet people worked there wow.. fucking timeless and fantastic & the burger was surprisingly ok. later that day in springbrook.. i watched robert culp be delightfully drink ouzo on a crystal blue greek island with a girl he knew was good with a knife while singing and holding the apple.. perhaps like a subject from a james joyce story he went for it anyway. and yes this sounds famaliar. bill cosby saved his ass once again. mmmm. . all this while getting to eat some potato casserole and salmon cakes.

then on to friday played for 3 people again at a pizza shop. extermely mega weird.

sprinting out the door launching off that last wooden deck plank with spring into the humid grass forgeting everything in the house. heart pounding i filled a bag with a lazer light duct tape and a tall boy.. hauling as into the unknown ldog and i rolled the vw into town and do remember something about a biker bash and a hair salon, golden pants, knitting & running out of time, beach balls knocking over glasses and landing in weird asian dish replicates and playing in my underwear... a pretty fantastic marathon.. fucking hilarious.. had a great time playing with dusty rhodes on horns keys (snarky puppy), l dog on drums & el hub (man or astroman) on bass.. looks like there could be some dates in the future for the shake it like a caveman big band, these guys are fantastic.. !!!

so luke dog and i hauled ass to the airport. i got on a plane landed in geneva switzerland. raised hell and rocked it in a village called crissier. met some russian vampires who where very entertaining. saw the black diamond heavies rip it up, and got to have a couple beverages with honkeyfinger. who fucking rocks..
saw a guy tired of the structure fighting the police in the train station i have he real good feeling he got tazed a free coca cola an a one night free accomodation. i also drank beer with the nat on the sidewalks like a punk in geneva.

i got a bus or two and a flight to nantes france. i was pleasently surprised i was able to have a cold beverage with the campbell family in the airport @ 8am in geneva

finally met up with the ju dog @ the airport!!. whent to visit the town where his grandfater grew up, super cool. springtime!!! yes..
on the coast i saw air & hot rats (guys from supergras) might be some video @ the youtube cavebone. drank wine, ate a fantastic salad, played in rennes ate too much steak, woke up, lost my toothbrush, in a mansion put the pieces together. drove fast in small cars. played @ a street fest, and an irish bar, lots of drunk people and sweat,smoke, blood and birthdays,weird liquor, sore hands feet and legs..

wheew,ewwe. then last night came close to the raginest ive seen in a while.. i got a last minute show at a wine bar with a courtyard. wow.. within 3.1 minutes a tranquil wine courtyard turned into an ink stained, dust storm fucking insanity. lone shirts were flying girls were smashing into the drums, boobies, fire yikes... faces smashing into the cymbals most of this just during the sound check.. and thanks to the fanny we were able to catch a little of it on tape.. cavebone youtube.

so that kinda brings us up to date with stuff.. man i forgot alot of shit. sorry if i left any great tales out. things have just been totally insane lately. it will all come back to me someday.. oh yeah i also bought an 18ft rv!!!!! it wont be on the u.s. streets till mid august. but here at the euro offices were super pumped.

were releasing a split 7' vinyl with slam duncan later in the summer.. ill have more details later on that one.. .

word on the street that the ldog smashed the makia van into 2 deer heading thru the carolina mountains. sadly the deer didnt make and neither did the van.. luckilly ldog and the electric were still able to quietly check their emails have coffee and beer with no delays the next afternoon when they woke up...

and everybody send out some good vibes to our pal ratt. hes on the road to getting everything going again..

captn steve got a passport, sweet! & the governor will be joining me and the ju in paris in a month or so!!!


Today I woke up surrounded by shell and driftwood mobiles and tapestrys and sounds of the sun i laid in it, looked at maps, drank beer, laughed, ate, gazed at the moon over the sea with a nostalgi only a pink walmart purchased ipod playing blossom deary or true love could provide.. lets talk sooner this time.

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