Thursday, October 29, 2009

Another glass of wine, sir?

holy shit.. the leaves are falling once again as im lakeside here in tennessee.
looking back on how long since the last post todays story will be pretty epic.

chicago 6/5
morseland played with some contry bands, ok music nice western shirts.. we jammed together at the end and tore it up.. the guy in the audience with the backpack really didnt have a bomb and made me so happy when he took out a scrap piece of paper and scribbled "you fucking rock!!"

also sometime while in chicago i did a few songs for a kids tv show in chicago called "chic- a-go go.. we shot it @ the hyde park arts center. it aired with some really funny one man bands, u might be able to see it online, seriously funny shit.. it aired in chicago and in oakland california..

i got ripped im sure and road the trains and went to neighborhood yard sales and saw a frozen street festival did get to see kid congo which was pretty funny... chicago rules!!

tennessee 6/16-20
raged it at some fireworks parties at a sushi bar. ripped it up in knoxville with the lv wood.

charleston sc 6/16-29

tore it up in charleston which was a crazy fucked up adventure, the ace joined me and we partied really hard. i opened for tinsley ellis and tried pre-game to build a crazy sawed in half high hat.. didnt really work.. we actually on the beach saw a wedding with full band a buffet party shit load of tourists and watched lifeguards do cpr on a little boy who i dont think made it out. it was so fucking surreal. it was like the hironemous bach type painting where evey possible emotion and action was happening on folly beach that day within 100 yards of each other.. whew weird..
i saw a girl almost pull the aces clothes off and got out her check book if he would go home with her, .. when it rains.. by the last night of the show i played after the comedy night at a bar which was pretty rediculous.. did hear a great joke about a guy getting a drug test knowing he was going to fail he just put some actual weed in the urine sample pretty funny shit.. aah someitmes im an easy laugh if it envolves weed boobies beer and and or farts.

july 3
asheville opening the show for t-model ford. funny shit,, i played with his drummer a bit who was great. there is a u tube video of t dancing somewhere out there.. i ve met him like 20 times and he still never remembers me. he said " boy you see that girl over there u better put a stamp on it t models in town", and grabbed his dick, classic shit. "jack daniels time mother fuckers"

july 4th
luke dogg and i did a fireworks bash in a club in tennessee outside there was a cover band which was pretty rediculous who im sure was making 15,850 more dollars than we did

july 10
in macon georgia which fucking rocks!!! a smith and his possee always deliver. grilled some burgers and was a little dissapointed the boobie art exibhition was postponed.. rats! theres always the spring time

july 12
played a cool show with the high plane drifters from england and bohannons. cool show weird night and mega shitty bartender aka donnie powers. no people and alot of rain..urg more about this later..

july 17
played in tennesse with lv wood in my home town was a great show!! raise little home town havoc.

i think for the next few weeks i worked my ass off grtting ready for the french adventure.

july 27 paris france

holy shit landed tired as fuck from the airport to the bar, somehow rented a kick drum and played a kick ass show with the hottest rockabilly chics i have ever seen.. pretty crazy. i interviewed with a french media group and it should be online somewhere, im still looking.. its called onpen interviews

july 28-sept 1
i jumped in the car with some rockers who got me 4hrs from paris into brittany where i was playing in rennes, which is a fantastic place and holy shit there is a college there and your eyeballs with fly out of your head, and u will turkey neck and drool..holy shit..

so basically for the next month straight i rode in small cars mini busses trains slept in great places fucked up places outside on the beach u name it i slept there. did about 30 shows bars ,cafes, street markets ,mid evil castles, boats. i worked the brittany region really hard. met some seriously cool people... got to swim some and ate the best food i have ever had.. wow.. i also drank way too much."try this wine drink this its from our vineyard" whew most days by 3pm ripped.. i recorded a record on the 22 of august and still awaiting the release... its called when u smile i see your fangs! i like it alot and the legendary vampire gypsy artist Tonio did the art work and im stoked as shit.... i also discovered how much i like roasted duck!

september 09'
toured pretty hard in the south my first show back in u.s. there were 3 people @ a bar with their backs turned and had to fight to get paid.. wow.. i was fucked up for about a week after returning just getting back in the rhythym. hung a bit with the mav cooked alot and hit alabama tennessee georgia..

october thus far has been pretty cool. i discoverd my love for west virgina which is fucking awesome.. did a great show with the black diamond heavies in asheville which fucking rocked hard!! the only down side was revenge of donnie powers the shittyvibe master back at the bar, yikes probabally my last show at this joint.! once again did the charleston run again partied till 9am, but other than that was quite subdude, the weather was raining like a mother fucker. almost saw a girl fight, ate way to much bbq, urg. also made a raleigh, wilmington run. played in a bowling alley which was top weirdest nights lately. yikes. back to wrightsville beach which is fucking awesome!!

here today just getting caught up on some stuff gearing up for some halloween action. trying to find a smoke machine and lasers and get a spooky setlist together..hungover as shit whew after a night of acting like a pirate. almost got punched last night for making ryan seacrest comments to some dudes in the bar who didnt think i was funny or like my style, ha. or that their girlfriend liked our crew, woah.. i think i thought i was a comedian. my sides hurt today from laughing so hard and maybe drinking a little to much.. back to playing tonight however. hopefully will keep me out of trouble.

encased in the previous dates are crazier sub-stories and steamy details of heartbreak, passion and intoxicated adventures which if i went into it would fill many pages and maybe get me in deep shit.. i hope one day i can remember all this stuff.. until then, i just keep giving it hell the best i know how.... im actually heading back to france in a few weeks, some weird talk of getting sponsored by a division of miller beer in the works.. until nxt time. keep driving on heads up.. see you on the streets


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