Tuesday, June 2, 2009

reluctantly hauling ass

notes from a road war torn sharpied up april/may calender read as follows:

fri apr 3
modaddies asheville, rippin show packed with shine and sports coats
and rubber cushions and the l dogg bringin it home. paked show and people were getting tossed out before we even started, due to whiskey bottles falling out of coat pockets.

satt apr 4
roller derby match. asheville civic coleseum. i was the interbout act. i ran through the bleachers and had a blast on my last limb. yep weird exciting and so toast from the earlier days/weeks i think i was in bed before midnte. yes

wed apr 8
the garage winston salem. kick ass crowd and sweet folks. garage kicks ass. great spot for live tv

thursday aprl 9
greensboro, nc pld the weirdest loudest show in a while. in suburb in random white dank smellin recording studio w/ blown speakers and old pianos tight pants and lots of glasses and expensive angular haircuts. .

fri aprl 9th..

sadlacks raleigh. yes fully equipped with the dancin tony, geo,leake, maggie!, buddah ashdog, boyd, mav, mare an j smittie.. first p[atio show there in a while kick ass show. tony set the world push up record! kicked some long necks at the players retreat after show kilt some tall buoy high lifes. great nite!

thu aprl 16
and then i guess we did a knoxvile show. i seem to remember something about rubber snakes and the sambat and coors lights and jager, the cells and the bltvl hottie and about 12,000 cars.

sat april 18

kulture clash charleston sc... i waited and i waited and alot of very very shitty noise bands and 4,000 people in a massive warehouse. never plyed but got paid.. tooo wweird..

monday aprl 20

village tavern sc, surprisingly this bar has the best sound of any bar i play.. no shit.. . worked on the van in the parking lot and watched some cool ella fitzgerald videos from europe and tried sweet tea vodka, pretty good for sweet tea fans and im guessing will put the hammer down along side some bbq or grill action. work great at holiday parties.

oh yeah and upon loading my new mini couch from a thrift store im presumming i lost my wallet never to be seen again. total fucking nightmare... had to cancel dates in fla. big fat mess..

however i was able to make the whole armpit tension semi-lingual dmv laugh their ass of when i got my new liscense pic in a tie, electric bull rider shirt, side show hair and saftey glasses. upon review of the pic the increasingly hot uniformed hair band quaff female officer asked me "are you satisfyed with the proof for your pic?" without a smile i said " i think its fucking awesome" she replied without a smile or eye contact "me too." so now im the proud owner of a driver liscense that looks like the new kenny rodgers mixed with the new carrot top and roy orbison. and fyi they dont sell wallets at the dmv.

i think i painted something or sold some records to regroup some of the losses. and
picked back up. regroup time at the beach

wed apr 29
i hijacked the luke dog to run some sound @ the mill charleston. great burgers, silicone, wild dogs, adderal snorting mid life crisis new divorced sad but very alert man, noise barriers and american honey. i was so tired i think i almost fell out during the show.seriously. kicked it in second wind and partied w the big kahuna and a pirate who told me it was the first time he had actually had fun in a long time! which made the whole night worth it.. the mill rocks.
thurs apr 30

had my first ocean swim of the new year and it was so incredible!!! salty fresh and albino tan. l dog and myself had to tear ourselves away from the sands. i think i cried.

we ran reluctantly hauld ass from the beach back to the mtns just in time to run sound and work the door at a new venue. saw a bar brawl involving a hairy old man neighbor no shirt trying to kick everyones ass he was pacing the streets outside seeming subduded until the load out. as my lights from the van cross his face he was attacking this guy who was trying to be dr phil w him, not a good idea. literaly strangling him in the bushes like he was some sort of rabbit. i laid on the horn and the whole bar came out to save the day.. just epic weird shit, but too tired to even worry. saw a good band called yarn.

may 5th
with the pack A.d . back at the garage in winston salem. pack ad is a great band and i really like the garage.. rainy kinda quiet night. look out for the pack a.d.

may 9th
town pump black mt. nc
clean town pump! due to new owners.. weak show but fun night with rasberry antioxidents. and player piano wheels and 17oo bush lights. the sapp! and the speed square guys.yes
later in black mtn again
made it out to the leaf fest for sun afternoon saw the patty and nolie and wet, tired hippies, cool pedal steel gospel band. lee boys

may 16
baboon lake tn
yep we ended up playing a get out of jail party for a friend of a friend.. moose burgers on a wilderness preserve.. everybody was nice as shit. got hammered with nasa polymer scientists/ booze wolf and made good loot. thanks stu dog for hooking it up. woke up in van in a field a little shakey..

may 21
drips hickory nc

coffee shop with acoustic acts and coffee infuzed 18yr old girls, no shit like 20 of them on a new college outing , who were freaked out/agitated/steamed up . no booze. very bizarre but wholsomely interesting.. rasberry antioxidents later cool band called auld angsyne from ny and the ole one two local rockers. nice dudes with five head entertainment. will definately go back to hickory.

may 22
resturant asheville, nc

good food, very weird. extremely painful night. equipment broken, mega small crowd in a strip mall way out of town. buzzed got some sleep. however the bartemptresses and dinner bachlerotte patrons scored an A+

may 23
smoky mtn foothills, tn
woke up in a field with magic fireflys and potato samosas/ yes. saw the j wolf! and christabel and the jons and a cool beatles chambre orchestra.

may 24
johnson city, tn
lunch at el torpedo with mav. and from a rainy afternoon to one of the best parties we have ever thrown.. 7 bands alot of hot girls, no fights, margaritas, pizzas and no rain!so stoked about the halo patio premire in johnson city tn.. best day in a long timee. great shows from el hub, naked gods and matt bottcher and gary jobe. stoked! and the cops only came once!

may 26
knoxville tn
mountain roads tractors, late as shit to my live radio show in knoxville literally 5 minutes before airtime i sprinted in the studio w vans, magnum p.i. shorts and no shirt, with no time to set up the electric gear, i played acoustic with my balls flying infront of a 60 something crowd and a mega out of tune guitar and kick drum, somehow it was kinda fun. and massively rediculous.

that night a punk rock guy cancelled my show due to broken ribs in a bar brawl , no argument from me. his peace offering was a 24 oz pbr.

may 27

manhattans knoxville, great show and megas hot jump rope girls and zombie movies. yes yes
one of the best wednesdays in a long while!

may 28

the comet cincinatti

mega slow night and my car didnt explode this time.. made it to a great record shop called shake it and randomly met some kick ass friends of friends

may 29
fort wayne in

driving through fields and fields and very cool amish buggies and powerless white houses and windmills. the dead end road on 27 north really is a dead end. you can pass throught the road closed signs and run another 5 miles before you see another one. i made it althe way through last fall when the van was exploding, but this time the road really did stop.. i got out of the van walked down the mud road till i found a lone road grade worker in a gigantic machine resembling a brontasaurs. i got his attention with a few screams and jumping jacks. stoned, surprised and cool as shit he gave me directions to turn into some cornfields to connect back with another servie rd. it was great and i made it out, while listening to john cougar mellancamp, no shit.. ft wayne as cool as ever. club owner took me to henerys the best burger in a long damn time. cool show and left lane cruiser, the brass rail and hillgrass bluebilly kick ass...

also found a peter tosh record for 73 cents and had a great avacado sammie, & got a sweet david grisman grapelli live record..

may 31
made it to chicago. found the warren g straight to german may fest where within 5 minutes i witnessed a weird barfing, found a deck of cards, a wad of windblown cash, a jackdaniels reflective mirror ate a giant pretzel danced to a hurdy gurdy band and drank an extra great HB beer. all next to carnival games. yes

made it to hot dougs home of the greatest hot dog, i tried the buffalo one.

june 2

hangin in chicago, drrinkin the new old recipe for shlitz. yum.. walked a shit load today and checked out the buckminster fuller installation at the chicago museum of contemporary art. kinda inspired me to build a dome or something, but wont fit in the van.
yesterday i walked for like 15 miles just taking random trains and busses made it to the whole foods which can run a close second behind the austin tx one.
later this week im shooting tv for a kids show called chic-a go-go and will be interviewed by a puppet dog named ratso and performing at the hyde park arts center infront of a giant robot. im really stoked!!

yep. wheaew. looks like we got some euro shit on the horizion. going to northern france for a few weeks of shows. im excited like a kid on 6 dr peppers at his birthday party at pizza hut. look for some southern regional shit U.S. to pop up. just added a tinsley ellis date for a charleston run. so looks like well be terrorizing down there june 26-29 cming soon.. see you at the shows and in my dreams..


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