Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the texadus

austin tx,
fucking rocks. did a shit load of bike riding. played a great midday party with thomas function dd/mm/yy black diamond heavies and a ripping austin band called cartwright. blues legend t-model ford was perched in a lawn chair like an old cat driniking jack daniels as the hipsters were oblivous to his credentials. we got the afternoon buzzz in the texas sun. the fast folks cyclery provided the high light and high life of the whole journey. i did 1 other sorta non eventful show downtown, load in load out 3 bands no money shit heads u know the story... randomly i was able to stay in a 7th story building over looking the city, drank a shit load of free beer at weird parties for the austin chronicle, psych fest with black angels, and other magazine mixers, and yep crushed alot of lone star tall buoys. in the apartment frank goodness and i caught up on episodes of eastbound and down in between plates of beans and rice. i raised hell and ate great food for the next few days, by this point austin was shitpacked with bigtime music bullshit mixed with good shit but just too much shit. renegade d.i.y.ers like myself have to roll from this scene if they want to eat.

san marcos, tx
where the river runs warm, i did one show with some rockabillies and pbrs, pretty fun but nothing crazy.

denton, tx
a cool college town north of ft. worth/ dallas played with a great band called "or the whale" from the bay in california check em out. great people even had cool pedal steel.

monroe, la
the coda bar rocks hard. great people and owned by a dentist who is married to a dentist, they both had nice teeth. raised some hell in a castle.

jackson ms,
did a low key front room show @ martins witnessed a few drunk altercations ate some great food and chilled with the bolt. changed the oil in my van in the bolts front yard due to the fact it costs 45 fucking dollars these days to change your oil. urrgh

tuscaloosa al,
which was a complete fiasco for various reasons and very rediculous as the jager machine was on full tilt.

nashville, tn
scene fest 09. i was the opener for 5 other indie rock/scened out cool guy bands. later i found out mike mcdonald from doobie fame was in the crowd. i was tired as shit and crippled from my exodus and got the fuck out of there on the rainy tn streets. missed the white falcons this time due to no parking. thanks for the gomer and loose i cooked some late night dinner and watched dazed and confuzed. i had a great afternoon brew and taco with the vanderbilt scholars and sadly i had to leave nvl again across the plateau and one hour into the future.

asheville, nc
on thursday got anihilated and somehow forgot to eat dinner. it so bizarre playing in shit holes every night going and then going to this place. "would u like a towel, shower, chips salsa, couches, unlimited booze, j's. jesus man. everybody there was nice as shit and it makes it hard to go back to the shitty smoked out money wrangling end of the night dumps. all the guys from the ween band were nice as shit and put on a pretty rockin show.

halo jc, tn.
full band w/ sax drums bass fun as shit. rubber cushions started out the night and ripped it up. scored some new insoles for my shoes, and saw the top 3 drunkest people of the whole tour and perhaps ever. the crowd was a little rediculous, probabally top 5 shows of the caveman career, no shit had a blast playing with the full archwood crew and slam d.

wtf no idea, virginia
sat night i headed for the hills of virginia ate a fucking unbelieveable dinner with the ace drank shine and jammed some tunes. watched cow hearding and horses on a mulit kajillion acre ranch over looking the mtns, stars rocking.. yes

on the homefront
checked my long over due mail at the post office, hit some junkyards, loaded up on duct tape and posted some new videos. might even eat some dinner!!!!

see you out there soon, check dates.

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