Friday, March 13, 2009

an ice cold lonestar please

well greetings from shitty rain cold austin tx. found a weird university library to check mails ect. been cruising in the van walmart to walmart for a while now. got sick as shit last week. better now lots of vitamins. raging it for the swsx events. last few days in monroe la, which was fun as shit. and the rain clouds followed to dallas to about 10 people. tonight on the main sts of austin. finally broke down and got a fucking gps which makes life much easier!! got a call to open for gene ween next week in avl , nc.. and pumped bout some shit going down for the spring time. not sure the strategy as of yet but will probabally keep burninig it up. east coast/ north midwest. might have one more little florida run coming up i find out in a day or two. keep rockin see you out there soon.. the cooking show is still happening jsut cant do it from the roads. see you in austin. oh yeah and the photo is the beat up archwood studios possee for the closing party at the town pump black mtn,nc.. left to right
lv. woo. the dark warrior. dan-(thanks for the maalox)-electric


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Miss Byrd said...

I suggest you make Killed Lettuce and cornbread on your cookin' show.