Monday, February 16, 2009


alright gang about 30 dates, ran out of time at the library so here goes.

11/27 the halo johnson city tn
cold dreary electric post turkey madness mixd with the anti oxidents and some rythmic destruction/ majic from the dark warrior "slam d".

12/6 the rocket club asheville, nc
cold. opened the show for he one man machine and very tired scott h biram. lots of booze. and a short drive to the home base. another xtrmly weird ashevlle show.

12/26 the emerald lounge asheville, nc
cold bartender. good sound. lots of holiday action... too much holiday action. apperance by steve the ultimate warrior who gave me a hand carved head trauma blues stick, which kicks ass.also nice to see the long lost t-lova. happily met the ace for punk rock vegan time and unnessiarily/randomly toked a j on top floor of the rennisance.

12/27 the halo johnson city tn
big crowd and old faces for the lets get kinky theme show. starring matt bottcher who by the way fucking rocks (like andrew bird). we raged it with lukedawg jsmittie* and the antioxidents.

12/28-1/2 gave it hell in the mtns hit mount rodgers va. blizzard .on the coldest day known t man with the mav. partieed real hard for a few days in the j city at aces plantation who btw is raging so hard his house is going to break in half. whew. mega tired. equally poor. van troubles.. broke out the saw and chopped some pipes off the van which gave a beautiful rmble but quite toxic.

1/2 sassy annes knoxville, tn
slam d and i rocked the shit out of a basically empty bar. starved our ass off got hustled on some loot and got the fuck out.

1/3 halo johnson city tn
joined forces with the ultra talented kym from plain clothes tracy and the rubber cushions who rock.(if n avl go to their store hip rplacements on lexington ave and buy shit). . great show. also got some good recordings coming from the night. lots of shine and tatoos and jump rope.

1/4-14 not really sure. hustled painted and wrangled for some cash im sure, got dunk made some chicken tacos. tried not to freeze to death and gasta rigged my van. mmmm . mmm

1/13 knights pizza johnson city tn
who actually dosnt have pizza anymore. shoveled the van out of the driveway from the snow. white knuckled it like a mother fucker across i-26 massive snow n a wounded dodge ram van. chugging snow ice drifts behind and infront of big rigs. whewww!! definately had a cold one and a great cheesesteak and a howdy to allie upon arrival. duncan and i freaked out fake id college freshmen who looked at us like we were alien life forms. pretty weird and hilarious rockin show.

1/14 springwater nashville, tn
just n time crushed some tacos. ripped it up w craig smith and the jessie possee. met the gomer for some brews and a little ragin. great show!

1/15 the buccaneer memphis tn,
the worst show on the tour by far!!!.. 11 degreees outside. an the music officinadoes inside perhps the same temp. got lost on the way into a industrial wasteland. painful night. was livid.

1/16 308 blues indianola, ms
drove through the delta, met sme kick ass folks from electric mud band. upon arrival to this really cool house in the middle of the delta i saw a lighter explode and a girls hair catch on fire, unbelieveable it was like flames shot from her hands. i thought holy shit "the crossroads". we loaded up headed for the hometown of bb king. had a cool show. nice folks.

1/17 martins lounge, jackson, ms
great show. played with turtle researchers and a band called the gills. you will see these guys on tv in the next year, i promise. cool folks. almost had to kick a some ass on a merchandise theif. across the street stories of a guy wh barfed on the bands t shirts and cds, could be worse i guess.. unbelieveable. hammered. sweat. ears ringing.

1/18 sams lounge, jackson ms
partied with some roller girls and crazy motherfuckers, saw a guy with a gun sticking out of his pants and saw 3 girls (roller girls of course) kick one dudes ass. lots of tatoos and hi-jinx. the bar by the way is connected to a hotel with love tubs and hourly rates. and massive scary accessability to homemade drugs etc.. this show is mega sketchy but always fun. dr. peoples in the house on a few harmonica tunes.

1/22 echo lounge, meridian ms
not much going on this one started @ like 730pm, randy and his crew are awesome! hauled ass to tuscaloosa to catch the black diamond heavies show at egans. who btw smoke.

1/23 egans, tuscaloosa al
kate taylor and band were first act. her band, headed by taylor hollingsworth, had just been touring with the singer/songwriter brighteyes, late show dates etc. lightning bolts sparked from the mics as usual @ egans. i jammed with horn players from the temptions horns and was they were spectacular. ashedog and his gang rip it up. chilled it back in al bought some tires for the van, and actually a new pair of pants. one of the best shows on tour

1/24-25 nashville tn
partied with the gomer. hard. too hard. way too hard. like the summer when you are 15yrs old. lets just say my next day involved a trip to the car wash for the car in which i was a passenger. hands frozen organs rivited.

1/26 springwater nashville, tn
kick ass show. got to hang and crush some enjoyable brews with the nashville stringers. sadly no encounters with the white falcons on this run..who btw can be see on tuesdays at roberts downtown in the big ole nvl.

1/27-28 knoxville tn
detoxed. watched A-team and night rider with my mega bad ass grandfather on the 28th. on the 27 i think i had the most boring birthday of my life. ice storms and hurting internal organs. white knuckle driving in icestorms again across thecumberland plateau.

1/29 halo johnson city tn
little set with slam d . at the halo beer night. packed house!

1/30 greenville, sc
stopped by the crazy 103.3 anitra rock goddess studio did live radio from 6-8 blew our own eardrums out. supposedly got great recording still waiting. hauled it over to the bohemian cafe rocked it the fuckout. the premier of my new sleeveless electric cougar shirt. bad ass show perhaps the best of the past few tours. partied allnight with some art students. saw the police. weird art projects and drank alot of shine and smoked j's like 19 yr old art student. woke up on a baroque type couch with people asking "who is that old guy on our couch" ha. glad to see i have matured alot since my freshman yr in college.

tin roof charleston, sc
kick ass place. justice . sleevie wonder and te rest of the tin roof rules! good show and met some old homies i used to work at the zoo with. shot alot of pool during the first act. ate a great burger and a cold brew at one of my favorite spots the surfbar in folly beach.. go there. kick ass people and great food.

village tavern. mt pleasant sc
great sound and very weird superbowl night. everyone in the bar was completely extirpted. greatfun! as i was leaving i saw these guys pulling extension cords from the bar the parking lot in amazement. fog abundant.

2/2 tin roof charleston sc
back to the tin roof with mother/father a good record band with backing from the kings of leon folks. not the only connection to leon. the keys player from the band dates leon russell's daughter and lives in their house. pretty interesting turns out leon is a massive cracker barrell fanatic. th kid was playing his keyboards. ha. nice dudes crammmed i a rental van with a lot of equipment. i finally got my vn fixed!!! shit yeah.

2/3-5 charleston beach time
cold as shit in charleston. randomly got thrown in the back of a cop car in 530pm rush hour traffic. with no reason for the pullover. car got searched and i was the long hair in a van getting jesus searched during rush hour. the only words i said to these motherfuckers was "this is humiliating". after 20 minutes of interrogation i was released with no appology and a form with checkable violations. one box included "contact only" this is the one i got. baffled and shaking and very pissed i got the fuck out of town, prhaps their whole deviant pont to the vometous shakedown. i almost spray stenciled the letters for mt. emma free will holliness church- emma, nc.. that was untl i got the offer from a vodka distiller in florida to advertise for them.. still waitng.. ill keep you posted.

2/6 passtimes pub sarsota fl.
with friendly irish punk rockers cutthroat shamrock. weird night.

2/7 the garage st pete fl.
mega weird night. great soundstage. opened for the worst cover band i have ever seen in my life,ill leave the name out for legal purposes. i literlly saw people in the crowd spitting (with displeasure) @ them. went next door to see local act with close to a 15 piece. horns shitload of drums. extrmely chaotic but kind fun. met some cool kids with a frito lay truck. they say they never get pulled. also another option for van label.

2/8 paddy wagon sarasota fl
one of the best shows of the tour. great hospitality. did a happy hour acoustic gig which is a rarity these days. ucan see the video on shake it like a caveman myspace page comments. thanks meat. night show kicked ass. found out about this band called pelander z may want to chck them out, very interesting.

2/9 siesta key, fl
beach time detox party. siesta key is beautiful! i was the only person there under 80.

2/10 robbie oconnells dayton beach fl.
met up w/ melquist who s touring wit nascar. we ripped it up at the beach and then w/ rev dead eye one man band downtown daytona. fog abundant

2/11 the pourhouse charleston, sc
great last minute show opening for a good blues band called shane pruitt band. i got to play with their keyboarder who was steve miller band original and i think humble pie also. he kicked ass and this was by far one of the hottest shows on the tour. great people! brooks the sound guy makes the room hot as hell! and the live video feeds are fun cause you can talk shit to homies on the internets.

2/12 tin roof charleston, sc
with the rev dead eye. ghosttown. however good quesadilla

2/13 the hummingbird mcon, ga
alas the grand finale. kick ass packed house. bucket of old mill. and yes shake it like a caveman will be featured in southern living magazine this spring under macon music.seriously. detils tba

the past winter days i have learned to believe in the chaos factor applying to my dodge ram van. and to keep your mouth shut and try to be as docile as possible when being complety fragmented and destoyed in the scarecrow/jesus pose by police in rush hour traffic for no reason whatsoever. if you look sketchy ride clean! eat avacodos, bannannas, sweet potatos, work some water in from time to time, and shitty vodka can be filtered in a brita to reach the top dog sandards, i have yet to try this, not much of a vodka drinker but i am charmed by this fact which may provide some fun to the reader.

feb 23-26 will be recording at the reluctant sherpa headqtrs. pumping out some material for the sxsw texas run. compiling recordings and working on the next episode of blake bakes. asheville, nc

adios for now
safe travels, endurance, happiness and precison in your endeavours.

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