Wednesday, November 26, 2008

white line fever

holy shit. well lets just start with the chinese acrobats which were fucking unbelieveable.. we woke 10 am on a monday with 300 2nd graders to see the shang ri la acrobats climb to their potential death spin plates ride bikes balance our nerves smash themselves into jars . fucking awesome..

10/10 9 pm
did gig at the madison co. arts council show up way too early just to kill time crushed alot of brew and ate good pizza. played with cordero and el hub allstars. showed some butt crack i think there is footage. great window theatrical drama. marshall rocks!

10/10 12pm second gig of the night at the halo bar jc tn. crushed it like you would not believe. high on the hog for a week or so.

grey eagle asheville. fun night got hammered and had a good crowd on hand as the uber cool avillians got a free show.. sported my snoop dog sweat pants for the first time. they looked great with my bull rider shirt and solar shields!

11/08 patrick sullivans knoxville
historic brothel w/ yummy heinekens.

11/22 fuck yeah rager at modaddys drank alot of moonshine and kilt it. lots of debauchery passed out buddies smashing into the bar. great tacos! no signs of redman method man.. although cher and greg allmans offspring was there for the festivities. no arrests, whewww..

holy shit i got a job to run to orlando fla via murrells inlet and drop off some electronics. stayed at some mega posh resorts and just returning today to cold ass shit weather. scored some great new af-1s they are so fucked up i cant even look at them, just wait. very bizarre

holy shit saw,filmed, and interviewed the black diamond heavies for my new cooking show upcoming c-20 aville. they rocked the tar out of this joint in greenville, sc. hottest band ive seen in a while! google BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES

been freezing balls lately,waking up with frozen glasses of water next to my head, perfecting the chicken taco and cabbage rolls and trying to drink higher quality booze. thanks to our old pal slamma and our own curiosity the shine is kicking our ass, but as the night falls we step back into the ring with a blinded black eye from the previous nights epic battle/adventure. thanks goodness they are fruit flavored as we are getting lots of vitamin c and antioxidants.
great stuff happening for dec. and first of the year let you know more as it unfolds.. this plus a shit load of other weird stuff at 3:15 am after about 1300 miles...yeehaw. turkey rager thursday i cancelled all am plans for friday just in case. bring your turkey saturated bellies, and your resparked rebelliousness after you spend a little too much awkward time with your relatives. rock n roll will make you feel better

keep warm sip it dont chug. check for the sly dial.

see yall soon o & o
love snake

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