Wednesday, October 8, 2008

boobies and swashbuckling

welp i guess we last left off with fire juggling, boobies and swashbuckling in the carolina mtns.. which brings us to now rain in the homeland, crosseyed from looking at the really fast lines on the computer which only show up when you film them... oh another note on the bellydancing festival damn good to crush some long over due cold brews with the hot rod!

sept 25 johnson citie tn

bareley made it across the mtn due to the recent gas situation. the old cruiser made it just in tyme to crush some rice and avocado and a couple froths with the ace. on to the hoot which welcomed me with the usual barfed up jagerbomb sticky floor smell.. for some reason i still really like this place.. came out with the shades and rocked it the fuck out. made no money well maybe like 20$.. ha rained a bit i think i was famished and hit the kroger parking lot got some yogurt and a something else weird im sure..

sept 26 knoxville, tn

rolled in to the dirty city just in time to eat a bad ass burger at sassy annes again kick ass people good night and lots of steps and stained glass. after loading out there i hauled ass to across town to the brewery where i played a late night set. up the steps again. hassled by a crack head in the parking lot. avoiding contact with him and the high gravity beers i stumbled through a tiresome set with the worley who im assuming didnt lay off the high gravity beers.. interesting show.. the aforemention crack head later in the evening pulled a gun on the manager of the bar. cops cuffed him and pulled his ass out of there quick.. the music never stopped. ha
tired and over it all i returned to collect the late night cash at sassy annes where everyone was completely shit faced and a hot girl with a rebel flag shirt was trying to fight everyone between the smoke and half empty gin and reluctant settlers of bar tabs. thanks god got out of there made it to the w-marts on the outskirts of town made a sandwich of sorts from random burrito shells and canned soup..

woke up the next morning to find that all the summers shake it like a cavemanning had taken a toll on my front left tire which was going to explode at any minute. definately couldnt make it to nashville on it.. so i scrapped up all the smokey change i could get and hit the tn back roads where i was sure to find a tire barn or daves tire world or freds treads.. well shit yeah i found one. got some used goodyears and talked shit with some cool ex alcoholics who were excited about my rock n roll lifestyle and really sparkly shoes. yep made it out back on the road to nashville.

sept 27 nashville tn
met some homies for a great dinner crushed a few cold brews. made it to the springwater just in time.... packed house.. fuck yeahs. my man craig smith mcd the show and the scissormen opened.. got hammered on about 34 high lifes and 420's smoke filled every surface possible, a 10 foot tall metal head did a great job on the sound as the red sparkles adorned the stage. i broke every string on my guitar, no shit and sweated my balls off and had a kick ass night. nashville always treats me well and this time no different. as i was loading out almost saw a gutter punk bicycle gang kick some ass. partyed with some vanderbilt proffesoras listened to some leadbelly vinyl and after day 3 didnt have to count any sheep. nashville.. encroachment, shitty pop country or not will in my journals still go down as kick ass. i missed the white doves and roberts western world but theres always next time.

sept 27-oct 3 or so
kicked it back to knoxville, sadly but finally sold the old caveman cruiser for two hundred bucks in the mall parking lot. caught a ride with the old guy who bought it. got back into the shuttle and made the way back to the mtn.

oct 3 clemson, sc
had a great well paid university of clemson public radio gig. which was very interesting. alcohol free event so of course i poured booze into a quickie mart cup and left out all the fuck yous and shit yeahs. i did pretty good till the last song or so. the show was on a cool stage infront of these waterfalls, kids playing all around them on their scooters.. finished the gig, definately freaked some people out and crushed beers, and pissed behind cars in the parking lot with the other folks who where rebels.

also in the news
i avoided any fighting as i spent almost all of my new found cash at the atat office. last time i was there i was so pissed i launched a phone book off the balcony of the store and thought i might be banned forever.. luckilly there was a hot girl who was kinda helpful which help sedate any rage i was feeling but seriously what the fuck with the cell phone stuff. yes i will pay you a shit load of money so i can burn my ears off. aaah fuck it. .... so this weekend back to the johnson city hills and kicking it at the lake with the ace raging it at the halo bar. opening a show at the madison co. arts council with cordero and el hub.

love snake

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