Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i live in my van. ac by nature

new material welp been a while and and here goes

pulled into sunny asheville tired drunk hungover from somwehere. up the back steps between the swarming yellow jackets who like myself like the sweetness of broken beer bottles. into a bit of a cluster fuck. i had to almost fight with a fake chamber orchestera open mic act for the the performance slot.. thanks god i didnt have to go on first... everybody was nice drank some brews nothing really crazy.
l dog got some good film check it on the myspace. o h yeah i lost i have no money,. ha so this is my web page.

aug 23 8pm BOHEMIAN CAFE greenville sc
always a little early for this show to enjoy the yum yum yuppies and posh food at the bohemian.
hot a shit outside. great show post party with folks.. saw a jonny cash tribute. where the mgmt dropped a stink bomb to get everyone out,, no shit.. crusing in a convertible sweating cool air on my fro. house party with yeungling kegerator. got blind fell of a porch saw the sun and early morning dog walkers almost broke my thumb, woke up. wheeeew. no yengling for a while...

aug 24 - 27
laid low. pbr. bike riding. burritos.
aug 28 Asheville nc
road around drank some coldies for mcconeyhay bday. i didnt know people still love whippits like they used to. they do. got ripped at this brewery and the bday boy lost his shoes. mingled with hopefully not washed up rockers and the blazing sun and scarred arms and green grass frisbees and the immunity of the beer buzz. capped off the evening with go cart track whippit stops.. holy shit.. and the mercury illager.

aug 27 johnson city tn
jammed a raging set with slam duncan.. short unbelieveable set. metallica cut off tshirt. my hands/heart hurt like shit. woke up ears blistered. close contest the blister on my finger. 5 am return to aville, in the makia groove cruiser.

sept. somthing 1/2 bucks pizza johnson city tn

thanks god for the kindenss of the jc crew made enough to hit the street of the atl. damn good cheese steak!

sept 3 ATL Star BAR
cmon guys lets get the line up worked out.. i opened for a guy with a noise machine who screamed the whole time.. and the scenesters rolled in i got sick at my stomach and matching wranglers. sleepy from the free keystone (urgh) went out to the van and slept until time to get paid. the bouncer door guy who looks like cptn. lou albano pounded on the van and woke me and gave me my loot.. this guy is my favorite, and makes me smile.. sleepily i collected my merchandice through the coolness which still reamined. crashed out in the parking lot.. next time through atl i will play for the biker bash across the street. or something

sept 4 Macon ga
a day early. went swimming at lake tokesobee.waves weird sand and mansions across the distance.. felt good as shit.. back into town bar hopped it a bit. somehow during the evening i got a job the next day as a caterer for a bbq company.. whoa.. 7am. cant feel my arms and almost pukeing driving a catering van to a job site of new school construction, with 400 workers. had to wear a hard hat glasses. unbelieveable.. basically this was a puff promo for the city and school board. the news cameras were there, flustered make-uped interviewers late, tried to engage tired, strong tattoed, hungry construction workers, ha. i landed the job as guy to set up the microphones. so im in all the pics and news clips.. i made sure to leave my hard hat and classes on long after it was ok to remove just for the rediculousness of it all.
napped in the afternoon and woke up sweating tired as shit i made it to the club in time for sound check. busted out some t-shirts. fucking unbelievable show!!! packed house!! whoo.. when i was loading out i saw the opening act almost get mugged the agressor was chased down and perhaps got the shit kicked out of him.. fuck yeah macon ga! best show of the tour, maybe ever!

sept 5
savannah ga the jinx
hot tired hungover.. made it to the jinx no parking. kick ass club, kinda slow, lots of tatoos, scary stories of violence in the city got the fuck out of there. slept in a hampton inn parking lot on 17 north to charleston.

sept 6 charleston the tin roof.

nice sand sun and finally the sea. cool crowd for a sunday. good tacos next door.

sept 7 charleston the mill
the usual good food and nice folks and a plethera of booze.. i was joined on stage by a reandom really wasted kid who was blowing the wrong key harmonica in my ear. i didnt give a shit i liked their enthusiasm.

not sure what i did for the next days to come just hit some thrift stores, saw culture reggae, camel promotion night, met some a kick ass artist named ben timpson( days passed and slept at the beach and skinned up after dark and hit the park showers.el bano in the neighboring hotel. just when i though i had hit van life paradise.. 4 am BOOM BOOM BOOM! "this is the police open up." i no shirt long hair sunbaked and thanks god not hammered, no shoes, flashlights in my eyes text book scene from an episode of cops "pheonix" and a motherfucker making me leave the island.. thank god for the 24hr harris teeter and the nice folks who work there...

up the coast to raleigh world to chill and gather my thought for a few days, i turned back to the roads of charelston via myrtle beach. ha

monday sept 15th charleston
Holy shit the party dream.. sweat pbr, golden capes, duck tape, camera flashes,sparkling shoes, news paper scene beat reporters. and a girl who gave me a hand made amulet with jesus drinking a pbr. yes this is/ was the shit. the beer buzz, and ass shaking overcomes the tiredness. rock on party dream!

i made my way up the coast to stay with my pirate friends in sneeds ferry.. landed a job repainting a crack house renovation, fully equipped with cans in the window seals punctured and scarred from the flames.. 5 yr old dog shit and all things of unpleasentry. i did my time made it out a live.. chilled out on the water ate some great grilled chicken tacos! fuck yeah!

sept 18th raleigh nc sparkon
the awaited closer for the tour, a big fat flop... no crowd whatsoever. urg painful.

sep 20 black mtn nc
holy shiot got a job in a kitchen for a bellydancing firejuggling festival. extremely weird and just was shaking my head with a shitty little grin the whole time, laughin to myself. what is happening?

i guess that gets us pretty much up to date for now. im sure there were other highs and lows but my time is the public library is running thin for now.. thanks to everyone who hooked it on this run. im taking a time out for consturction of a studio in the mtns of the carolina hills. " A-wood studios" fuck yeah.. also working on shit with local tv station. no gas. riding bike. knoxville.nashville this week.

i love you

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