Monday, July 28, 2008

shitfaced tired poor one man band

this review starts in the ole home base

johnson city tn 11:00pm.
fully equipped with high speed trains, and suprisingly for a thursday was packed to capacity. plain clothes tracy opened the show. the cops came, as it was an outside show, busted out the decible meter and told me to turn down. they were actually laughing their ass off i a shitfaced, tired very poor one man band was like a boozed infuzed sweat ball, and their presence was a bit of a laugh for me as well..
thanks to the kevlar family for the hospitality.

on to asheville, nc (too cool for time)
to where i was eating a taco and reading the local art paper and yes, i got a giant picture and a pretty rediculous article and almost choked on my steak taco in delight at the obsurdity.. i played a show that night for an asheville scenster crowd, armed heavily with obscure indi rock t shirts and inpenetratable im oorignally from charlotte/raleigh but ive been to brooklyn once beams. yes, i gave it my all and rocked the shit out of their faces and families. no response except for one drunk girl and a few of my party animal buddies.. & like usual in asheville scene fest the money situation was total bullshit. later in the night almost got ejected due to shaking up beer and spraying it into the air at high speeds..

to saturday night 10:30 pm
asheville, nc pretty much blurry in a unbelieveable structure. steamy encounter in the alley. other than the thing in the alley basically a trainwreck night . somehow i did not barf or throw all of my ductaped equipment into the street in disgust. urrg glad this one is over.

i think for the next few days just chilled went to some great waterfalls cooked steaks on the fire, and shittly enough had to paint a deck to round up a little extra cash..

by friday i was back in knoxville, tn.11:30 pm
home of sassy annes.. great food. and the people who work there are awesome... not a big fan of the night however. we will leave it at that.. oh yeah did get to go to toddys backdoor tavern and hung out in the horseshoe pit. if ure ever in kville and dine on the swine go there and make sure to hit the hot dog buffet.

saturday nite nashville 12:30 am
played a party at bettys grill home of 3,000 cats.. this show was fucking awesome!!! only one bar brawl the seemingly sweet bartender chased a guy out with a baseball bat. shared the bill with the altered statesmen, who also fucking rock and craig smith fucking rocks!!.. the gig was originally scheduled at springwater but was moved due to a hank williams jr video shoot. ha.

monday marshall nc, 1pm
headed out to hot springs nc. where the "lets stop in for a cold one," turned into a terrential down pour both literally and figuratively....8hrs later. saw great spooky haunted bed and breakfast, and covered bridges, weird frogs everywhere. sweet spot filled with river rats and party animals like my ole pal hanlin, who i hope didnt get up shit creek for bringing booze infused childhood friends to the posh bed and breakfast where his girlfriend works. very bizarre, rainsoaked, surreal explosive evening.

then on tue last week 11:00 am
woke up just in time to jump into the makia groove cruiser heading for charleston, sc. i was taging along to video document the tour. shakily we got all our last minute provisions,bannanna, and cheese and emergency tall buoy. also along for the tour was 5 time world juggling champ peter irish (google him!) we were just getting settled in and boom the transmission and the radiator blew. we spent 8 hours in woodruff south carolina. ate a pretty good taco. and failed to make it to the beach and had to cancel the show. we bribed the tow driver to pile all 5 sweaty freaks into his truck and attach a uhal trailer, he drove us all back to asheville listening to classic rock and hoping our driver wasnt going to pass out., what a weird day. we actually have it on film, look for it soon!

wed morganton, nc. 8:00 pm.
pretty bizarre, peter got his head slammed into the wall by the drunkest redneck in the whole planet. and other than the drunkest shitbag in the earth this place loved the makia and peter show

friday marshall, nc 7:00 pm
fundraiser for new arts venue in marshall main street.. played in an old church under jesus in stained glass.. awesome night.. played tunes and ate some knishes. and hung out at peter toshes long lost look alike and saw the biggest computer monitor know to man. definately could have had a youtube pissin match showdown for a while. ha.... woke up in a house!! holy shit a hidden little hilltop oasis, i actually thought i was in switzerland or something. much needed.. thanks to the el hub family for all the hospitality.

sat/sun 3:00 pm
asheville nc, played the street for bellechere, in which asheville becomes alot like dollywood. pretty awful. i worked my ass off on the streets and managed to hustle a litte, my hand are sore today....

gearing up for this next week of action in the midwest lake region. whew.

tonight at the town pump!!


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