Thursday, July 10, 2008

casual coldies

welp as the last post was gingerly reviewed i did barely make it out of raleigh nc, in on piece. the huck finn fence job fell through, so i last minuted a place called slims and no shit found a 20 on the way in the bar. ha. had a cool show and made great tips.. that was enough to get me and the cruiser up to boone nc.
by the way i love boone! . had a cool show with smokestack and foothills fury very nice rocking one man band.. we had some technical dificulties, but i ate 37 burritoes and about as many cold ones, had a few intermittent naps. always cool to see eric and the k. the coffee lady. crashed in the van on sidewalk.

i cruised to tn jumped in the coldest lake know to man, got hammered with the ace and ate some steaks thanks, jesus..

i somehow had enough gas to get to nashville. i played a one nighter at the tin roof country star bar and crushed brew with trace adkins tour manager.. i always ride my bike to see the two hot mod rock chicks i think they are caled the white doves, any way bleach blond hair and coverd in tats like 1953 style. they play at the robert's western world on tuesdays. got spoiled as usual by my homie gomer who runs the show.. well come back to nashville later in the story..

wake up feeling shitty to oxford, ms. i thank jesus got an afternoon gig at the parris baker pub. there were two drunk guys in the bar, i played acoustic for 3 hrs and whew crashed in walmart parking lot by 11pm, hands hurting..

made just enough to get to jackson martins.. played a capacity show with cult legend dax riggs, and new comer john barret bass drum of death (who by the way rocks like a motherfucker) had a great show!

the next day to tuscaloosa ala.. i was running late due to hungeroverness and massive hail rain storms. i was was the first act which was a little shitty but if was ashedogs birthday. decent show but later played harp with silver lion 20/20 and saw the sons of roswell who also rock like a motherfucker. one guy was so drunk he fell into the drums, great band! (i got film of the show on "cavebone"you tube site) somehow during the silver lion show the birthday boy did a jimmy superfly snukka off the amp and ripped his shirt off. pretty rediculous.. and by the way had some great tacos, perhaps the best of this run!!

definately saw the sun come up, went for a wobble bike ride another taco and headed for meridian, ms..

great outside show. lots of nurses and booze wolfs at this show.. witnessed a domestic dispute, and as always randy the owner is cool as shit and made a little cash.
by sunday i was alittle tired, kick back a few casual coldies at martins jackson.

played a punk rock show at sams lounge and after party at a vampire mansion, no shit totally unbelievable, equipped with exotic birds and ancient art and thank god no blood or any spells, had to bail on that one. well talk about this later..
the next day i saw a car catch on fire like in the movies with like 10 foot flames 5 minutes later i watched a guy get busted shoplifting and get chased by the cops. i ate a great steak gyro. i got a brake job, thanks jesus!& bought some vinyl.

i made my depart from jackson to oxford to which i was also running late i got pulled over in the square, people were taking photos of me and of course i casually gave them all the finger..

over the fourth i played a great festival called hill country picnic in potts camp w nmiss allstars,jim dikenson, luther dickenson(black crowes), jimbo mathus, t model ford , alvin yblood heart, partied pretty hard with dr peoples and a cool reporter from the clarksdale paper.. kick ass weekend!!

saw the sun up a few more days, i got to see the jwolf and have a taco party and laughed my balls off while watching this show called trailer park boys!

and this brings us back to last night back in nashville i saw an instore performance of del mcoury band drank some pbrs in grimeys which was awesome! love the sond asheville turnaround. got to see the white doves again, thanks jesus & great sweet potato fries.

gomer got invites to brett michaels after party. last night dokken, skid row, and poision played the collesium. so we go to this rediculous warehouse type place filled with L.A nashville scene people, free booze, i wanted to pull bretts headband off but i restrained crushed brew and talked to people who im sure thought i was as rediculous as i thought they were. good story though..

woke up felt like shit drove 3 hrs and now its 3am eastern at the execuitve caveman offices. tmoro night the home team the halo. wheeeeeu.

big shout to the ace,randy,bolt, gomer,jwolf and dr. peoples and the guy at firestone brakes and tires in jackson, ms whom without this little run would have been alot less exciting.

love yall

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