Friday, June 20, 2008

solstice rager rodger!

we left off somewhere in route to chattanooga tn.. we had a afternoon gig at the bessie smith strut. i was running a little late and cross-eyed of course. drove through a massive hail storm on fumes. ha. i arrived to blocked streets and the smell of wet funnel cakes and fried fish. to our dismay the parking nazi and her little dog fucked with us pretty hard and the bar tender made us pay for the sprinted to load our shit into the bar, which smelled like raw sewage, usually these are the places you run out of, anyway... we found out we were the 6 oclock"filler" band which really sucked, when you get a call and hear "want to play with 2 rocking bands,show will sell out". yeah sure. and you show and there are 10 fucking bands on the bill and your the first one. very sick feeling in the stomach, which probabally dosnt have any food in it anyway. very pissed to drive 4.5 hours for this.. so we rocked the shit out of the 10 people who were in the bar like they stole from us. shortly after the show there were 30,000 people, no shit all drunk and eating sausages and drinking bud ice and corn dogs in the streets and the bar started to we did get to meet left lane cruiser who were cool as shit.. hope to get to jam with them in the future. i was really excited to get the fuck out of there.

which brings us to chapel hill nc, raleigh, greenville,
the raleigh shows were saved by the ever great, one of the best bars in the world sadlacks heroes. the greenville gig, as beautiful as ever still the best steak in the planet& nice bartemptresses. played the banjo with tpton till 5 am and dranks some bud light. finally got to do some lake swimming and perhaps the highlight, got to go on a spooky river boat tour of piedmont nc. my homie joseph is doing fish research at ncsu and we went to pick up these mega cash monitors which calculate fish populations etc. pretty wild you pull up these plastic bowies which connect to a thing which you connect to a computer which tells you everything, pretty amazing.. it was kinda like those spots where scooby doo has the haunted mysteries. fun as shit, broken docks shit loads of turtles, weird bird sounds, like someone could be getting the deep six and bizarre shadows, permission from old black farmers to cross throught pineapple looking corn fields w bugs and snakes, yikes.. anyway highlight of the trip this time. also i got hammered sunday night at my favorite mexican joint that was bursting w/excitement as usual. unlimited modelos, limes avacodo, cilantro, cheese, tacos, no english, shirts with bullriders, fucked up informercials, raging soccer matches, smell of corn oil,,limes.. boobies mmmmm heaven!! and while riding my bike through the trails of ralee i saw two of the biggest fucking scary copper heads about 1 foot from my pedal, the usual gasp and the a scream/shout. in my 31.5 years of raising hell and running the roads never seen copperheads this big. i flashed back to the time i almost bit the dirt on a family vacation to williamsburg va.. but thats a snake story for later..
so on to boone tommorow night to play the solstic rager with another one man band, burritos yum yum. sunday to debauch it a bit with the ace and his golf cart and unlimited supply of weirdness in tennessee, then over to nashville hoping for a cold one at roberts western world!! we got a big show thursday in jackson, ms with cult legend superstar dax riggs, should be pretty exciting. as for today i have to come up with some gas money by reparing a fence, kinda like tom sawyer i guess. wheeew. the van rolls on!!! have a kick ass solstice weekend. yes sometimes i am a fucking hippie. halla

love snake

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