Wednesday, June 4, 2008

105 or 64?

aw lawrdy.. im kinda drunk in a public library somewere north carolina.. as i review the past few weeks since posting.. im kinda bewildered.. i guess i left off somewher ein alabama dogtrack land.. had some smoking shows in charleston sc. macon ga and our favorite the bohemian cafe greenville, nc... got to gets some nice beach time in bought a kite in the shape of a killer whale and had no luck whatsoever in flying the mother fucker.. hammered in a n irish bar in savannah w james...i drove throught two massive hail storms got some great new air force one hi tops and a wookie t shirt in athens ga.,(1982) also at the souths largest flea market i obtained a sparkling bull rider outfit, and a dusty rhodes t shirt.. little sweaty for this as of now.. in charleston i got to jam with ex-outkast drummer. i ate a bad ass burger at some surf bar. im macon i slep at the shittiest motel 6 ever known to man.. and after a week of making fires and mini court basketball my shows start back tonight in aville at mikes side pocket should be interesting. i talked to a guy in there today who was 105 and drinking cold brew!! he also has some sweet hair. although he could have been actually 64. who knows. im now typing to the warning that the library will close in 5 minutes. oh yeah last week i played a hippie festival in middle tennesse pretty weird with a great gong on the stage i ran full speed into with a big drum stick.. sweet neess. as soon as the show was over the rain poured down, no shit. then i hauled ass to knoxville where i played in a haunted house opening for a burlesque outfit calle dwhite lightning burlesque pretty interesting.. i woke in a rafting spot where we played the jello wrestling finals last year.. ha. i forget the rest.. i love you
got to haul ass..


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