Thursday, May 1, 2008

4th quarter.!!

welp still on the cell phone subject.. i saw a pal get his cell phone launched across the room, and while he bend over to pick up the pieces he got kicked in the balls like superbowl kickoff. never seen anything like it. as he lay on the ground writhing in pain the very pissed girlfriend squeeled tire and fled the scene.. i just stood in amazement. holy shit. im glad my cellsmash was voluntary
. also last week experienced the effects of the human self control in the casino... thanks goat i only took 20 dollars to this bizarre ex dog track in the middle of nowhere ala.. it stressed me out like a mother fucker after loosing and gaining my fortunes (all on 20 dollars) i had to go outside and sleep in the car..the only safe bet is bud tallboys and popcorn $2.25.
i had a really good one man show sams lounge last night back in jackson ms.. partied with some folks from americorp in minnesota..chilled night had a little jazzbacker and a few good laughs.
today just kinda getting my shit together. back into the flames tommorow, 2 shows.. im stoked to rip it up in the atl, then make it back for a rendevouz w the mav , victor, tdawg, ratt ,w-art & patte and the home office. this is probabally the last post till sunday/ monday after the dirty south 4 comes to a close. dont worry ill have sweet recap post!. tommorow early with electric mud. sweet dog and i join forces to a "ride the bull" night cap it at egans, tuscaloosa.. and finally slam duncan and i rip it on friday night at the star bar w. all girl band the coathangers and cars can be blue.. not sure where we fit into the mix but ready to rock it. looks like i might need to get a really tight striped shirt and some buddy holly glasses, i already got the weird haircut and short pants.
saturday back at the home office i can finally rendevouz w my new resonator guitar i was unable to grapple a few weeks ago. i want to sleep under the stars, make a fire, do a little wrestling w mav and eat a hormone free grass fed way too expensive steak, and a becks beer!. i should be jamming on the streets of the mountain/home office sunday afternoon.. hope to see you in the next few shows..yum. thanks like always for ure continued support

love snake

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