Sunday, April 27, 2008

rebel angainst the handheld

.... okey dokey greetings from u of a in tuscaloosa al...
holy shit.. wed nite started the shows this week had a rager in oxford ms @ the jubilee. there were about 15 people there and they were all drunk girls who broke glasses and danced during the show and bought a bunch of merch thanks mallory's party animal possee...were planning to to a big show in july...thanks jay lang and oxford.. you rock
thursday was a rager at martins in jackson.. awesome sound and lights and stayed up a little to late.. we usually leave the bar when the cleaning crew is coming in the next am.. great show! thanks rybolt. sound engineer(name?) jason bailey. and ray for joining me with some dirty harp.
friday perhaps the most eventful show of the tour. meridian, ms echo lounge .home of jimi rodgers the singing breakman and peavey, didnt dissapoint.. i joined forces with sweet dog from the dexateens and silver lion 2020 and fat possum fame. never playing a note together, we managed to have a great night we played a sweaty 3.5 hours and luckily were joined by a fiddle player towards the end.. there were a shit load of birthdays and people shook their ass all night long it was packed out the doors, which makes my job much easier... thanks sweet dog and espically randy the owner and sweet barteneder who was my grandmothers age she never missed a beat and was awesome as shit to us., and yes we made it out alive. someone there was filming so im hoping the videos will surface in the weeks to come,, pretty amazing scene..

lots of bike riding yesterday gawking at the frat houses whose front lawns were filled with bud light crushing debutants or "debutramps", i learnt a new word yeaterday ha. there was a really cool reggae band playing on the front steps and definately lookn out of place surrounded white faces with polos and beer coozies labeled from wedding parties. great scene.
last night was a really late kinda sloppy boozed influxed start here in tuscaloosa at the world famous egans home of the party animals. i ran across town to catch sweet dog experience with taylor hollingsworth and the river city tanlines hauled ass back to egans round midnight.. and yes i learned my lesson last time and i avoided the jager machine which is why i can still write today. there were no lightning bolts shooting from the mics either.. in egans your kinda sandwiched in a corner, it was pretty packed and i spilled every drink i got and one complete budweiser filled up my phone,,, it started random dialing during the show and had a mind of its own. i had spent the past week with little or no service, 30 min battles with automated payment systems every few days... and as youve heard me say before i really want to smash my phone... well, as i was leaving the show attacked by xtrmly drunk people.. it almost like that dream you have were your being chased and your legs dont work, but this time is real, pretty sloppy riduculous.anyway back to the phone , i wanted to make some calls to my drunk bretherern who were also surely in some rediculous situation at 3 am and it was impossible, this was the final straw, i launched the beer laiden phone it into the dash of the cave van and then took a hammer to it i contunued to smash the shit out of it. im sure scaring the unknown onlookers who surely thought i had lost it... i actaully filmed it so i can recount and perhaps relish in my destructive behavior.. ill post it soon.... i promised i would donate the phone to help pets to the person who gave it to me, ill try to donate the charger as the rest is little bit crushed into sawdust and in someones front yard in tuscaloosa ala. my phone communication might be a little sparce for a bit.. im not done with the phone yet, just making a fresh start.
been riding the shit out of my bike and stoked about a little afternoon bbq rager at the ashe fest headqutrs today. and might get to catch baseball game throught the left field fenceline,... i got about a week to kill before i join forces with slam duncan finally in atlanta! were playing with a punk rock chick band.. so i ll probabally try to have a few quiet nights.. ha im sure i omitted a few details and interesting events little smokey today.

love you guys see you soon

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