Monday, April 21, 2008

ha! in 12 bars

since we last spoke i was drowning in cowboy sorrows in nville tn. i spend a reclusive few days in the mega cash area of franklin with my pal j wolf, well needed rest and a shower!! i left out of nville on friday in the rain to head for clarksdale. thanks jesus for my new i pod!!! anyway i made it through memphis tarffic while i was so hungry my stomach lining was eating itself. i had dreamt earlier in the week of going to the casino and eat at the buffet, well with my 14.50 from nashville i ate a weird but pretty good buffet at the horseshoe casino in tunica. i then proceeded to loose th e remainign 4.40 on the slots but i faked like i was still playing and did manage to get a ice cold heineken out of the deal. so bizarre its in a cotton field delta with weird little hotels and casinos off in the distance.
i arrived in clarksdale to preform at the juke joint festival a little early and music was already filling the air. clarksdale if you havent been there is only a few blocks in the downtown filled with abandoned buildings and various little dives called jukes. its almost like a movie set. its actually a pretty cool place. you might have heard that morgan freeman owns a place there called ground zero which is a little more tourist trapp style. the venue which i was performing was filled with old white people, and by the time i went on it was late, it sucked bad. there were very drunk hecklers (which later i befriended) i was ready to get the fuck out of there. i roamed the streets and found a cool joint where there was a duo, guitar porch board and a bad ass drummer who was playing a kit with his hands. he taped guitar picks to his fingers and let it rip. i think it was called ak williams or something. they were from dallas tx. i drank a busch brew was tired as shit and crashed out in the cavevan behind the venue.

i woke up to t-model for saying its jack daniel tyme thats fo godam sure! 10am, he had a street gig just nex to where i was sleeping. my show wanst till 7 that night so, i ventured on the bike out of the downtown through the ghettos and finally found a grocery store bought some cold beers and some stuff to cook that day. i had to rig a makeshift rack on my bike because i bought alot of cold ones to be on the bike. back in town i made some serious steak tacos and chatted with tourists from every part of the globe. i got to see a bad ass delta one man band called bill abel. he rocks and plays a driftwood guitar. i spent the aftrnoon indulging in booze food and sunshine, saw familiar faces from all the towns in the south east
. by 630 i had a big buzz strapped on the leapord skins and rocked the shit out of this place with no holding back like i had the night before. i made the owners drop the bull shit cover charge because i didnt want to play infront of megag cash blue hairs from arkansas who hate shake it like a caveman. in 10 min the place was capacity and i actually had fun the drunks from th night before came back and we had some interesting banter. i was a borderline idiot and just raised alittl hell, i even closed black the fuck out! of course im sure some folks hated my lack of traditionalism but they had probabally seen enough of that all day, i know i couldnt take anymore. so i was jacked around about the money like usual packed it up and enjoyed the rest of the evening with a 1hr bike ride to a weird barn where cedrick burnside was playing. it was kinda cool to ride through the delta on a full moon, kinda sketchy as im sure the cars passing me were liquored up pretty hard but i made it. i though it was a 5 min ride from down town, ha. so i shuttled my bike back on a tourist bus. late night i got to see another of the highlights of the trip jimbo mathis and knockdown south. rockin!! awesome full moon into a 420 party dude.

sunday 420 man
i woke up behind the venue again and hauled ass as quick as possible. i met some friends in oxford (the velvet ditch) for lunch, jason isabel (ex truckers guy) and i randomly were walking the streets looking really out of place,. i jetted to jackson ms about 2.5 hrs (thanks god for the ipod) i got a call from some people who were having a raging birthday bash wanted me to come by and jam alittle. i went straight from the interstate to another bash ate some great pimento cheese sandwiches , boozed it , almost fell through an againg deck into a swamp while i was playing, luckily not of the electrical shit fell in the water, ha. good time great architecture. then on to martins home of the party animals. by this point i was alittle smoked and opted for a few more booze and redneck madness and some weird brownies, 420 why not? fucking hippies!.. this brings me up to now a little tired looking a little crazy, tonight doing a promo for thursdays show, stole a computer for a minute to tell this ridiculous story. i ll get back w you soon.

ps fuck my verizon wireless shit. in the days to come i am going to smash my phone film it and replay it in slow mo over and over until i feel satisfied. and fuck people who try to hustle the people they get perform at their venue. wheres the guy from walking tall when you need him? check back in a day or so.. come out and spend the check george bush is sending you!

i love you

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