Monday, February 25, 2008

thanks greenville!!

welp... greenville was smoking.. thanks for all the folks who came to be a part of the packed house at the bohemian.. & for showering us with cash and booze. back to the home office which seems to be sort of a ghostly existance as of late with the shitty weather adding to the effect.. counting change for bannannas @ ingles supermkt. and still hooked on the everybody fields who make me cry myface off. ... got a lap steel last week to add to the insanity.. if you see me practicing in my van in the wal-mart parking lot come on in.. this weeks show are in a bowling alley in sylva, nc wich will be nothing short of insanity... and sat night in our home terf of johnson city, tn... we love playing there & seeing all the familiar faces and never ending pitchers of s. nevada.. were amping up the t-shirt line for the spring and were proud to announce the girlie undies will be back!!! the month of march looks like woodshedding.. slam dunc heads for the everglades for some swamp buggie racing and im off to the carolina coastal pirate country to eat steak and look for the perfect sand dollar.... then we hit the spring hard in miss.. !!!!!
european plans underway for later in summer!

love yall


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