Friday, March 14, 2008


welp woodshed in full swing. im the proud owner of a 10x20 garage unit in our nations capitol and pumped as shit about having a place to practice. lately i have been dodging traffic and playing lap steel, which im hoping to break out real soon. hopefully winter is gone really soon.. we are adding dates daily so check often. we just confirmed july 4.and 5th playing hill country picnic with north mississip. allstars, burnsides etc. so we are pretty pumped about this. the guy snake handler is in a new series of shirts im working on if you are into it contact and well have one right out to you.. slam duncan is on the florida coast dazzling tourists and drunk bikers with his human metronome status. we will converge on knoxville tn's own wdvx radio on april 14. watch out for very drunk fake irish people and the ides this weekend. we love you


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