Wednesday, February 13, 2008

cant get the sand out of my shoes

welp a whirlwind sand storm tour of charleston complete.
very bizarre opening delivery of a $800 victorian era chair from a friend who deals and delivers antiques.. we loaded the chair amongst the gear and made way to a mega cash estate complete with spooky corridor basement and bizarre english supermodel desk attendant who asked me to leave the chair in a random closet. we got out with our cash and a very bedazzled brain cloud intact.. very weird shit..on to the shows..
our first stop the mill, a cool spot with good eats, up and coming art district.
we played 3 sets and my hands bled as did duncans drums.. pretty interesting punk rock ending. as we stormed out on to the street with chants for more! more! more!. we crushed some brews and slept in a friendly hippie family's driveway who provided us with great local tour info and some yummy samuel adams... sat night as we were still recouping from the friday experience we got a phone call, "where the fuck are you at?" i replied at at an art opening, the voice on the line replied, "your sound check is now!" due to a scheduling mix up we hauled ass across town to sound check at charleston's pour house.. and before you know it we were playing infront of 300+ sold out crowd and opening for tinsely ellis.. leapord skin and slashing drum skins. we melted it down pretty hard.. of course i broke a string 3rd song.. not really knowing what just happened and the crowd roaring with middle aged women tearing at our clothes we packed our shit through the crowd. we were hoping to get to another last minute gig which never happened... on to sunday, at the pour house again, where we opened & sat through the longest blues set ever known to man. whew. ouch. all in all very weird trip, but the ocean was nice and sat nite rocked our sox. this weekend we are dropping the big one on greenville @ the bohemian cafe... come on down..

we love u

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