Friday, February 1, 2008

the brush prevails

aaww shit almost finished a massive paint gig.. its kinda weird painting when its snowing outside however the brush has prevailed!!! south carolina mini-tour starts this week in the home office region of asheville nc. @ broadways.. slam duncan has been hidin out in the mtn ranges ice fishing, taking kung fu and looking for the perfect drum sticks and myself dangling from ladders and trying to avoid kickin some ass at the paint store.
we have completed an analogue recording and were pretty excited, we used the shittest mics possible and dubbed over old tapes from the 80's & we love it. and no we didnt use dbx( this reference strictly intended for audio nerds)
.....more music news we got on in charleston for the southern comfort blues bash @ the pour house. and im in the hunt for a lap steel.
oh yeah, and im really excited about this beer bong. were trying our best to put it on my friends home depo account. no luck thus far. this week trizzle and my self have been eating 37cent jiffy cornbread and beans, drinking high life 40ozers and doing the skiffle to some paul wine jones, while huddling around burning pizza boxes. thanks lord it going to be 55 degrees this weekend, i thought we were going to have to go for the gloves with fingers cut out... oh yea also nursing my wii tennis elbow. in national news our good pal rat has hopped a jetliner to the west coast to stir up some business. were really glad when hes back thats when the moustache growin contest resumes. good luck out there rat, we love you.

rock n roll time! see u thursday feb 7 @ boradways asheville, nc..

take care

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