Sunday, January 20, 2008

hack hack hoot hoot

awww frozen here in the carolina mtn/tn. homerange.. this past week i have been scaling mudbogged snowdrift ladders to do the impossible. paint outside in january.. hack..hack.. a little paint in the fro and padding the wallet. we stepped into the boones creek intersanctum today for our first day of the shake it like a caveman two man band recording. 7hrs and 1 tune we drew blood and it smokes like a motherfucker. yep i went to about 30 stores looking for maxell 60 min tapes, not easy in the mtn region. got a few laughs and a 6ixer tall boys, but all in all a successful attempt. i kept moving therefore i did not freeze to the pavement. and last night i pulled a bit of a red neck move and went to my brothers ex-girlfriends house at 4am and plugged the extension cord into an outlet on the side of her house out to the van into a heater where i was snoozing away, parked on the street, nice and toasty, had to haul ass kinda early.

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