Thursday, January 3, 2008

i shiver when is see the falling snow

thank god we made it through december. like merle haggard says "everything will be alright i know" greetings from our nations capitol... the last few weeks have been pretty weird and glad to get it going again... duncan and i have decided to go into the studios in the weeks to come to bust out a new 2 man band recording to tour on this spring.. i sould be heading for the mtn regions to get a job as a temporary pearl diver and sling some paint till first of februrary when we attack the streets of south carolina and north florida... its been nice to get some record checks when i return to the home office keep em coming so we can eat every little sliver helps... so for jan. check us for local regional stuff. this weekend sushi blues in johnsonciti tn. a few other random spots TBA. check back


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