Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 dollars pbr and a taco

welp made it back from the nyc adventure with no major damages... even got some sweet beach time in. ate a few steaks and watched football.. its weird what you dream for when your in a smokey dive all the time...
back in the mountains of carolina. and yep i think its snowing.grgrrrrrrr
punk rock show tonight at the freds smoke fest.. should be interesting.
and heck yeah laid down some caveman action in the wncw studios in spindale nc.
isothermal community college.. the segment is live on monday nov 19 round noon listen live
getting geared up for the december shows. trying to pull last minute dates with duncan the mad drummer...
the weekend will be in knoxville tn... sassy annes. i have 3 dollars a pbr and a taco.. we drive on

love snake

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John Mercer said...

Snake you rock my world with that allsome music!