Thursday, November 1, 2007

libraries and no u turns between 2 & 5 pm

okedokey.. greetings from midloithina va.. public library and hell yes my wallet grows fatter not with green back but with library cards.. cheers midlothina. and im listening to the everybodyfields and trying not to cry.... looking around at the other email users and sports stat checkers and rush fan site users.. and weird library workers who are used to the smell. and punky cigarette smoke laiden cummunity service teens.. just like every other afternoon and every other town, glad they made it too.

shake it like a caveman played an opening short set to bug eyed non liquored enough nurses, cowboys, zombies, ninjas and vampires. saw a bad ass fiddle player with a great beard. woke in parking lot & counted change for a turkey cigar and a bananna. waitin to rendevouz with the rest of the big city bush crowd.. to scramble through dc madness. aaah then into a fresh frosty cold rolling rock from draught @ the organ... hopefully everybodys sweet tooth still needs some sweetening.

hang in

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