Friday, December 7, 2007

shake it like a stumbling debutant

the shows are in full swing.. greetings from the tuscaloosa underworld. where last night raging full house rocked us hard and so did the jager machine,,, whoo.. the microphones shot lightning bolts into my beard the beer lights flickered.. shaking we made it our alive.. our show in greenville rocked our casbah,, where we subsiquently are doing a radio recording on dec 28th at the bohemian cafe on stone/main... come blow your holiday cash...macon greeted us with open arms and personal coolers onstage filled with nice frosty pbr tallons. also had some of the best hot sauce on my taco at some downtown taco joint.. and pretty darn good taco carne asada.. oh yeah back to last night, probabally the most eventful yet.. we called the set a bit early due to refreshment overdose. saw a really cool art opening and later in the eve mingled with our devils and jumped piles of barf and stumbling debutants. thanks ashe and sweetdog for a fun filled eve. you rock tuscaloosa! onward to the mississippi homefront.

love snake

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