Saturday, May 26, 2007

shirtless shitholes to roller zombies

alright.. yep yep spring time in full effect.. been getting the swim on as much as possible... in the time since the last post the caveman show has reached out to dirty ole mississippi (my fav) the carolinas and tn. the shows have been progressivly more insane just like my spelling and composition.. today my mouth seems to be filled with gravel and my internal organs are puslating with overindulgence. from roller derby zombies to shirtless shitholes the caveman is still trucking.. the cd is finito,,, check for release dates.. coming soon,, for now you can buy the disc on cd baby and stores across the carolinas... the website is smoked for a little while so check this one and the mysp page... if your in tennessee next week get your ass to the shows.. sat in jc tn 6pm will be insane.

love snake

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