Monday, April 2, 2007

pressure treated bumpers

aaah shit.. here we go again... st patties was a fire code head smashing evening, with dried blood on the rear of an onlooking bmw... days later another tree jumped out infront of the caveman cruiser... i almost had a melt down but regrouped with a stolen radiator from nearby junkyard..hundreds of miles later sadlack's raleigh treated me with open arms and sierra nevada on draft.. the tarheels broke down and franklin street definately was not on fire as i played the cave chapel hill for 4 people,,sweet.. a sweet pressure treated plank now adorns the spot where the bumper used to be.. and its pretty wild when i actually come in contact with other cars even remotely close to the style of the cruiser... after begging my way into design lab at nearby university the layout for the cd is finally fucking complete! the show in dc rocked eventhough my amp and all my equipment is smoked.. madames organ always treats nice with rr drafts and yummy food and 3 floors+balconies of friendly debauchery. great late nite falafel and early fresh squeezed oj. a day off in baltimore with some gnt's and renegade recording with slackwand.. to college town of no parking and 24hr harris teeter and convienently located chain bookstore.. charlottesville tonight. punk rock in a tasty tortilla