Thursday, March 8, 2007

radio gaga

greetings from the depts of computersanctum.. friday show at wdvx knoxville pretty interesting opening for a christian bluegrass outfit, the show was tame and didnt scare anyone of the 60yr old bluegrass fans and families out of the building. sold some tees and got a pretty good burrito out of the deal... that nite pretty painful i played a really cool gallery with 10 people. i sported my diamond jeans and spandex shirt. althought the highlight of the night was a pbr push cart ralley smashing into the garage entrance of the studio. after the show friends got a ticket for actually going 5 miles under the speed limit (un speeding ticket.) then on to morristown tn.. a great rock venue where i got to jam with squirley on blazing harp i lost reality and had a kick ass time. sweet turkey sams and rolling rock. woke up in waffle house parking lot... again.

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