Wednesday, February 7, 2007

runnin on faith

cool shows in raleighwood, nc... leake the buddah peters the whole gang was great!
it was a peacefully busy urban congested afternoon in our nations capital . as i was going to the guitar shoppe and...KAFUCKBINGBLOWWEE.. a older gent in a truck smashed the shit out of the caveman cruiser.. we both esccaped with no injury.. my cars was still driveable. with a bit of finageling and rubber hoses i was able to patch things together and rolled up the mtn to avill in one but tatterd pieces... im loving dancin tony and the turkey sandwiches @ sadlacks, and the jcash photos and the drunken yamika party at the bickett. the shows were semi calm as the square footage for the performances were tight... had a coo late nite dance party with the f-varina gang, & ate some great pesto gnocchi with leake and the buddah and got hammered on quazi mad dog and jap beers.. also the north hills jewel princess is noteworthy. grrrrr! so life goes on tattered ducked and trying..


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