Tuesday, January 30, 2007

snow day suaree

Well made it through the birthday rager. with only a few scrapes and shakey hands. big thanks to kristen and paige turner for the "snake cake" which rocked my world and yes i ate the eyeballs first. also to M.A.V for the glowing skull lights... as the weekend screeched to a roaring halt i have stumbled into monday or tuesday remnicising of $6 dollar pitchers, and the brain cells i lost. also good to see the ace j wolf bstock on the scene at salsas. my neck hurts like a mother fucker after rocking the walls off the frozen building with luke wood and big city bush and the bathroom suaree. i know my spelling sucks. so as we move in the week the caveman show is heading to raleighwood for beer and sandwiches at sadlacks. cant wait to see leake and peters. im also tyring to raise cash to pay for the smoking new release. any ideas?

p.s. yes luke and i did rip our shirts off during the show and smash shit, and yes i smashed my penis aginst the glass entry hall way at frozen onlookers.


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