Sunday, September 30, 2007

holy shit i think im back in the office (tour review)

welp it is now official i think the caveman machine has pulled back in to the office as of 9pm central time. and i think its time for the long awaited stats and reviews from the pretty massive journey.

aug 15 THE WHITE COLLAR CRIME raleigh nc
double bill with sol driven train nice folks. great vodka drinks.

aug 18th SLIMS raleigh nc
dble bill w crap rock allstars. slims is a very smoky kick ass little rock bar adjacent to a parking garage which my van will barely fit, it always kinda freaks me out, the fact that the car is a nut hair from concrete pilars.. street parking here on out... great spot consumed massive amounts of pbr

aug 20 THE CAVE chapel hill nc
double bill with warshowski. drank some 40 oz of sol in the van while sweating massivly with mav. there were 3 people in the bar as usual and showed my ass infront of the streaming video feed in the cave.

aug 22 POE'S PUB richmond va
kick ass little spot adjacent to river and warehouse district. cool show chiefed in the park with dick butkis and the tight ends. the comedy guitar act.. nice food people and booze... woke up sweating massivly in walmart parking lot w/ mav

aug 23 QUARRY HOUSE TAVERN silver spring, maryland
double bill with playground ediquite full house with tater tots and a few pils urquell brews
nice folks and woke up sweating massively @ rest area w/mav

aug 24 HANKS SALOON brooklyn, ny
perhaps the best show of the tour.. kick ass shit hole bar in brooklyn musilm neighborhood cool crowd massive amounts of booze, PA speakers exploded. afternoon parking was a complete fucking nightmare and had a borderline meltdown. it was so nice to see scantily clad boobie bearing bike riders amongst the eyes only musilm extremists..

aug 25 GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY bushwick/brooklyn ny
right up there with one of the weirdest gigs on the tour.. got to the bar too early so i played soccer in neighbouring ghetto park with 12 yr mexican boys who kicked my ass while talking massive shit. quite fun actually. at the bar we cooked out on the back patio and i played a free show for a transvestie bartender, japaneese tourists a pissed off dc band and the mav she was actually pissed off too., nothing serious. definately ready to get the fuck out of there...

aug 28 CAFE 9 new haven, ct
after recouping on the ct coast. felt a bit recharged. kick ass venue with salty popcorn.. great bar owner bartender double bill with the keys french one man band.. sweet night.. nice science people from yale came to the show bought merch!!

aug 29 THE MOLE'S EYE brattleboro, vt
sadly mav had to return to the bright lights big city from the airport in hartford. caveman cruiser made its way in to the hippy territories of vt. one of the worst shows of the tour. me and the bartender. and two guys playing pool and drinking a couple brews.. enough about that

afternoon gig at the radio bean a little coffee land pretentious for me but that have a great beer called switchback. played solo guitar got a big buzz as the afternoon sun came throught the windows... the metronome different story... great show sandwiched inbetwix bad suit and japh ryder both local favorites im assuming, the place was fucking packed i was wasted and put on a raise hell set and i think my shirt came off , people were line up waiting for cds after the show. got some hi fi video footage to come of the show... i also almost got arrested for pulling copper wire out of the dumster on the street.. the bouncers didnt recognize me and i had to get a manager to let me back in the bar.. woke up in price chopper parking lot.

sept 1 THE BARFLY montreal, qc
it a whole new ballgame up there. afternoon started drinking with girls from nova scotia at one pm. i decide to have a couple beers by 8p i was still boozing.. kick ass show. bar brawl with pool sticks a people getting thrown out the door.. which is very unusual. nobody got hurt and met some great scandinavians. boreal blond beverages make for not such a bad hangover.

sept 2 THE WATERHOLE #9 saranac lake, ny
HOLY SHIT.... yes i had a 3 day hangover after this one. all i remember was broken glass and people yelling i sold my soul to the devil... kick ass debaucherous evening which i payed for throught the week. yes i drank 700 beers and at one point had to fake shots people were buying so i wouldnt puke onstage. i locked my fucking keys in the back of the van had to get a chainsaw and cut the wood panel out, crawl in with pvc piping, so the afternoon was toast...
on the 3rd i did a live show on 103.5 classic rock of the mountain region. pretty fun and drank some booze in the studio. "hi im shake it like a caveman, and when im in the high country i listen to rock 103.5"

sept 5 RADIO MONTREAL 101.5 CIBL montreal, qc
did a great all french radio show live performance acoustic with french translator, rachel. very cool surreal experience. my french sucks so i didnt understand shit... upon my reentery to us borderguard fat inferiority complex fuks destroyed my good time. stripped the van ripped shit out of my wallet intimidated me belittled me and made me sign some fucked documents. made me wait in holding area for 30 min and told me have a nice day you can cross. like it never happened. eat shit motherfuckers. then a marked border patrol car followed me 30 miles to the town of plattsburg until i wheeled into a dunkin donughts and he sped off, his loss i was going to by the fat fuck shit face a doughnut... anyway needless to say i was livid...and totally baffeled.

sept 13 OLIVE RIDLEYS plattsburg, ny
after a week of chilling a some festival going, got back on track at the grand opening of the olive ridleys. a great place great food and perhaps the freshed cold beer from tap of the tour award and it was a samuel adams... short set in the corner. good merch sales.. great people

Sept 14 THE BARKEATER INN keene valley, ny
party benifit drunk hail raiser in a field with a massive fire and doobage. bit of a rain delay i smelled like smoke for 3 days after this one.. thanks to my old pal b ross for being my temp. booking agent in the north country.

sept 15 ZIG ZAGS lake placid, ny
im so amazed at the ski jumps in placid high as shit, still in place from the olympics in the early 80's posh little town. great bar kinda like a very clean sports bar and very surprisedthe sound kicked ass . great merch, got hammered and slep in parking lot 28 degrees overnight. the leaopord skin pants didnt cut it. thanks again to the b ross, maui north, and the mercury for lining up this shit last minute

sept 16 THE WATER HOLE #9 saranac lake ny
okay a wise fool learns from his mistakes.. well not this time... i returned to the water hole for another round and i blacked the fuck out.enough said this one really hurt me like a motherfucker. thanks to the abbi for the weird soup and hospitality in my time of dying. and the kick ass guys at the meet and greet. i might have even puked in the parking lot

sept 21 THE POISION ROOM cincinatti, oh
on the 18 ted from montreal joined the chaos. toured through upstate ny, boozed it in ithica ny, camped in geneva ohio state park cool movie like red neck boardwalk ghost townish out of season.. on to cleveland rock in roll hall of fame kick ass.. teds mission was to drop of an aretha franklin test pressing but shittly it didnt make the archive.. we got lost in a massive ghetto we barely escaped gunshot wounds to the caveman cruiser.. cleveland can be very sketchy. do you homework if you go there.. bob log 111 finally at the beechland tavern we saw girls of all decent jammingthir boobs into his scotch, pretty interesting, we also saw a 300 lb old ass burlesque dancer she was destined to shot her tit 37 times and yet i almost barffed... oh yeah back to the poision room.. people were very nice an cool two story room but i was on a last minute bill with 10 boy bands and it really freaked me out.. got the fuck out of there... cinci has a very cool very free art museum..

sept 23 WEST NASHVILLE RAGER.. nashville tn
played at a party for some ragers on a back porch in west nashville, after 20 miuntes or less of the caveman show there were 2 firetrucks and 20 police officers.. who hosed the fire. and put the clamp down.. ate great homemade bread and strohs beer. saw a fight and a guy dragged and thrown into cab with instructions and an adress. sweet jesus.

sept 24 SPRINGWATER nashville, tn
smokey shit hole good fun . got to rage with gomer and his possee, monday night fball saw the drunkest people of the south tour, real close to water hole 9 and they dont even have liquor kinda like the star wars bar scene, massive doobage on the patio is normal. so smokey your fucked..

sept 25 PARRISH BAKER PUB oxford, ms
on the square did a happy hour guitar solo gig massive parking lot doobage and high life champagnes. late night show i was borderline black out mode. crushed it and definately freaked some people out and made a few new friends. top shows of the tour thanks to the moss possee for the hospitality and led zeppelin video on the big screen

sept 26 MARTIN'S jackson, ms
sadly had to part ways with ted from montreal. he has a cool punk band in montreal called jerk appeal and is one hell of a co pilot. thanks ted from montreal.
co bill segmented version of cool pappa bell starring dr rob p... i love this place, great sound rybolt always hooks it up.. spirits lurking from some of the juke joint heros. surprisingly didnt get too hammered did slide in a few little jagers however.. i think i remembered my last visit when dr rob was blowing fireballs and i felt like shit for 3 days, so i reserved it a bit this time. actually i did get a bit hammered i forgot the part about sneaking into the kitchen and making the infamous turkey sandwich.. oh yeah in jackson eat at kiefers good hummus and pitchers of cold beers

sept 27 NICKS ICEHOUSE hattiesburg, ms
hit the happy hour real fucking hard with dr. cp massive doobage. there were 3 people at the show, heart breaker... cool old barntype structure , massive off night.. southern miss lost so i guess everybody stayed in and cried i cried too.. not for long i was swept away by hippies to a weird keg party and woke up sweating in the van. feel ing like shit. road a shit load of bikes in h-town good exercise, and the happy hours are the craziest anywhere. thanks to the p family and mike the girl for steaks booze pizza and good times!

sept 29 EGANS tuscaloosa, al
double bill w/alabis from atlanta
very subdued show good booze yummy jagers.. alabama lost so the town was also sad... ashley the bar man kicks ass and parties like a shit house rat.. i love egans and it is always my last stop on the chitlin tour,,, hope to be back before christmas...

oct 1 THE OFFICE somewhere tennessee
tired as a motherfucker. regrouping... if you are a legitmate booking agent please hire me. i will make you cash and maybe laugh. also if you can make a website call me.. i love you ... all
po box 1248
asheville, nc 28802

see you soon
love snake

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