Sunday, September 23, 2007

back porch bramble

aw lawd.. plattsburg ny, ithica ny (fuck yeah got a library card to add to the collection) geneva OH and the ghost town boardwalk, cleveland oh, sincinatti oh, nashville tn in route to start the chitlin circuit...

finally got to witness bob log the 111 holy shit smoking show and none the less smoking was the uncle scratch gospel revival, the 300 lb burlesque lady to open was kinda weird but ballzy.. by the way if youve never been to cleveland check your maps and wear a bullet proof kevlar.
i was youthfully impressed by my premier visit to the rock n roll hall of fame. great spot and if you have a cd the admission is freeee. they are now the proud owners of a shake it like a caveman record.. on to cincinatti cool art museum which is alo free and a bizarre little mountain top dreamy upper crust hillside district. played the poision room w/ 39 other green day boy bands was very weird. last night takes the cake i played in a east nashville residential area at a birthday party. the stage was a back porch and massive bonfire. it took about 20 minutes of shake it like a caveman before there were two firetrucks 20 police officers. saw a brawl and ate some good homemade bread. dranks a couple bootleg strohs. prior to the party attended my first pro ice hockey from 28 degrees at night to almost 100 in the day ... im eating my wheaties for the last leg of the tour sure to be chaos. added a few more shows check listings

see yall soon
love snake

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