Tuesday, July 24, 2007

fake nap

oh shit.. july 28th freds speakeasy in asheville nc.. shake it like a caveman 10pm....

over the past month have been recovering from lots of raging by soothing my bodie in the ocean. gearing up for a nasty little august tour.. europe dates tba september. still serching for the perfect burrito and trying my hand at homemade pizzas.. havent gotten the pizzas all the way yet but the beer part a crisp itallian brew works fine.. pulled a successfull cd release earlier in the month. big thanks to the halo bar leah and the ace (aka the regulator) erich hubner, christabel & the jons, jon worley luke wood, rob.. and jay wiles. look for dates in the north east coming soon. maybe a few sneaky big city bush shows. and finally the web site with shopping cart etc. new tees. share the love and check out banksy street art links and read a book video by notarapper.com and great fake nap album junior boys...

love yall see you out there soon


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