Monday, September 10, 2007

ahh september

ha ha chuckle cough.....
holy shit its been almost 4th week on the little jaunt to the northland... im now positioned somewhere near the canadian border, luckilly my phone only sometimes works and i have found a computer from where to send my ramblings (yes im still pissed about the crack head fucks in new orleans who make my communications and video progress barbedwire style cumbersome)
eat shit while its burning.)
aaah now where were we.... two radio shows this week. the first english version equipped with henikens recorded in a bomb shelter, no shit an old bomb shelter converted into classic rock 105" somewhere in the north country.." up next shake it like a caveman, just after dont fear the reaper".... then on to francophone land where i did a radio news show with translated interview and some acoustic shit. 101.5 montreal .. very fun!! i didnt understand a word, no booze this time. ill post some recordings later.
on my return to ny state i was pretty much everything but rubber gloved at the border. if i were an activist or more pissed i would write a nice piece to the local editor. (and light it on fire)
... anyway now i am basically resting and recouping until the 4th bi annual chitlin tour cranks up next week with dates added daily... last week was my first visit to backwoods pondstock, (for real its the real name) holy shit 3rd world action in the cowfield. backwoods barf-fest, holy shit.. enough about that. thank goat himself for those little vitamin efforvesence (s.p.) called airborne. if i eat another g.d. turkey samwich from some random grocery deli i am going to shit in my pants, for real. and light them on fire (as you will notice addition of the fire part makes anything the ultimate fucking statement).
and lets see today, random trip to the g-hound station in upstate ny to pickup a relative of a friend ( a.k.a uncle terance- basically who loves to get fucked up).. holy shit this guy was out of a bukowski hs thompson novel, when he coughed or sneezed strange noxious powders flew out of his eyeballs.. a quick stop to a mini mart, Ter(for short) crushed a tall beer within 4.5 secs on arrival into the vehicle, and was jamming something up his nostrils... usually a, "do you mind if i smoke in your car would suffice." holy shit uncle Ter . more about this later ..
so the last show i played i was accused of selling my soul to the devil... just for clarification this is not true... i really needed eye protection as every 5 miuntes there were broken glasses and bottles... not be rude but sorry saranac i had to turn down the shots after you bought the first 17th, thanks. the next morning i returned to the bar to pick up a forgotten item, when one of the staff members asked me if i knew anything about why there were no more pint glasses out of the hundred or so they had the night before, i just said "not sure man" they also wanted to know why their feet were sticking to the floor, literally it was like glue, no shit.. must have been the jager machine i said, with a finger raised to my nose..
.. tought race between hanks saloon nyc and saranac for the classic memoribilia award this tour..

my van is looking good,,, for those who didnt know i got a sweet child scaring dodge 2500 white van and i am in heaven.... i even got a thumbs up from the asshole checkpoint fucks, perhaps a sweet little compliment floating amongst swampy fat inferiority complex.

being out of the bar for a few days im begning to ponder september & what a crazy month... lots of new starts jobs schools etc... or a need for the last quarter wind to send us ambitiously sailing into dec. or warmer climates... the shake it like a caveman firm highly reccomends: take naps, walks where needed and drink plenty of refreshing fluids (airborne where needed)... see you soon
ps corn tortilla tacos help also.

hang in there
love snake

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